Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all the rage (and for good reason). Optimizing web pages to rank in search engines can drive enormous amounts of organic traffic to your website, leading to more brand awareness, a more loyal audience, and maybe most importantly, more revenue. And while many people understand the basics of SEO, few organizations have the bandwidth and technical expertise to execute it in a meaningful way which actually meets business goals.

For that, most businesses choose to partner with leading B2B SEO agencies.

Here’s the deal: your business needs record-breaking organic-sourced revenue, and leading SEO agencies have the expertise and capacity to make it happen as quickly as possible. 

SEO agencies don’t just pop a few keywords on a page and wait for magic to happen. Their long list of services includes conducting comprehensive audits and in-depth keyword research, executing on-page optimization, leveraging technical SEO and link building, and tracking metrics & performance.  

The truth is that there’s a big difference between understanding the power of keywords, SEO, and organic-sourced revenue (which many businesses do) and actually having the skills and infrastructure to execute strategies which meet business needs as quickly as possible. But the good news is that SEO agencies have got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about partnering with the leading SEO agencies, along with our hand-picked list of the top agencies in the game right now. 

Why Bother With SEO at All?

Before we dive into SEO agencies, it’s important to grasp why your business should tango with SEO at all. Data tells us that up to 90% of all internet traffic comes through search engines, and over 70% of that traffic comes from organic internet searches. 

You might be wondering: what does SEO have to do with all of that?

SEO is the key to your customers finding you on the internet. By targeting specific keywords that your customers are searching, understanding the complex algorithms of the internet, and executing other technical SEO skills, your webpages can rank higher in search engines. 

This means that people who want to spend money on your business or service can easily find you (in droves).

SEO has been around for a while, while other types of digital marketing have risen in popularity (such as social media marketing and influencer marketing), SEO has stood the test of time. It’s still an incredibly powerful digital marketing channel, and arguably, the most important. The numbers show that almost half of all product searches begin on Google, and that on .63% of people click on the second page of Google search results. 

In short: SEO is well worth your marketing dollars and energetic investment. But how do you differentiate between web content that sits in the abyss, and web content that ranks well and brings in dreamy amounts of organic-sourced revenue?

The key is SEO agencies. 

The Perks of Working With SEO Agencies

If the words “let’s just do it in-house” have been uttered in your business when talking about SEO and organic-sourced revenue, you’re definitely not alone. On the surface, SEO might seem simple enough to grasp, and many businesses and marketing teams do indeed understand the concept quite thoroughly.

But the unfortunate reality is that these teams don’t typically have the depth of technical expertise and the sheer bandwidth required to execute B2B SEO strategies which actually move the standings of search engines. 

That’s where leading SEO agencies come into play. Here are just a few of the perks of partnering with SEO agencies: 

Benefit #1 – SEO is their bread and butter

Many marketing teams are positioned as a “jack of all trades” – they have their hands in all sorts of digital marketing, and are trying to leverage every platform and avenue. This can lead to teams which are spread thin, and which have knowledge gaps. One of the best parts about SEO agencies is that, literally, SEO is their expertise. They know the latest algorithm changes, are skillful at identifying keywords you can actually rank for, know the power of link building, and have access to the latest SEO tools and technologies. 

Benefit #2 – They’re all-in on your SEO efforts

In order for SEO efforts to work, you sometimes need to move mountains (and search engine results). It’s not enough to post a blog once in a while, or target highly competitive keywords you stand no chance in actually ranking for. SEO agencies know this, and they give your SEO marketing strategy their complete attention. You’ll have dedicated experts who aggressively chase the SEO results you dream about.

Benefit #3 – They play the strategy game

SEO agencies are all about the strategy. They tailor their SEO efforts to your specific business goals and target audience, conduct thorough audits, use metrics and reporting, analyze your competitors, and identify the most powerful keywords possible to actually help you break through the ranks.

Benefit #4- You can better allocate your internal resources

If your team is internally handling SEO, you’ll need to invest considerable resources to make it happen. It takes time and energy to conceptualize and execute SEO strategy, not to mention potentially costly SEO tools (including hardware, software subscriptions, and team training). When you partner with one of the leading SEO agencies, you can redistribute those funds and alleviate workloads. 

What Do SEO Agencies Own in Your Org?

Not sure exactly what SEO agencies do? Here are some of the services you can expect from most of the leading SEO agencies: 

1. Keyword research (that’s intent-based)

Every successful SEO campaign starts with keyword research. The top SEO agencies don’t only look at search volume and competitiveness, but also the intent of the target user. This is done through SERP analysis, and mapping keywords to the stages of your buyer’s journey. This all results in content that actually converts. 

2. Goal-oriented technical SEO audits

There are many factors which can hold your website back from getting traffic and leads, and technical SEO audits will bring these issues to light. They help identify high-priority issues, such as areas of your website which are a point of friction for visitors. These audits will also ensure search engines can actually crawl and index your site, that underperforming content is optimized or deleted, and that content gaps are filled with high-quality content. 

3. Competitive gap analysis (to help you actually break through)

SEO is a competitive landscape, and there’s no doubt your competitors have an SEO strategy of their own. A competitive gap analysis helps you see what’s working for your competition (so you can adopt it) and where the gaps are in their marketing strategies (so you can take advantage of them).

4. On-page SEO to boost engagement and conversions

Instead of rushing off to create tons of new content, SEO agencies also know the value of optimizing the content that’s already on your site. This might include aspects of keyword optimization, internal link building, optimizing URLs, and proper use of heading tags, title tags, and meta tags. 

5. Content that’s technically accurate and that links to your buyer’s journey 

SEO content should never be a one-size-fits-all operation, because customers who are finding your content are actually at different stages of the buyer’s journey. That’s why it’s not only important to create content that is technically accurate. It also needs to actually meet your customers where they are. It’s a fine line between creating content that isn’t overly technical (so it’s readable), but that is also not too elementary. SEO agencies know how to effectively walk this line.

7. Efforts to build domain authority & rankings through link building

Link building is another core service provided by SEO agencies, because backlinks are among the strongest ranking factors. But you can’t just throw up some shady links using black hat marketing strategies – the search engines are too advanced for this, and can easily detect insincere linking efforts. But SEO agencies know how to execute legitimate link building strategies, which include guest posting, outreach campaigns, and building business directory profiles. 

8. Ongoing support & consulting

SEO efforts are never just a “set it and forget it” sort of thing, which is why SEO agencies can be a lifeline for your business. They offer ongoing support to your brand so you can always have valuable insight, feedback, and advice, when you need it most. 

How To Decide Which SEO Agency To Partner With

There are plenty of SEO agencies out there today, and many of them promise the same ole’ thing. Here are some tips to consider when choosing an SEO agency, to help you differentiate between just “any” agency, and the agency that’s the 1-to-1 perfect match for your organization.

1. Take a look at their record and clients

It’s easy to talk the talk, but the best SEO agencies also walk the walk. They should have a long track record of successful SEO efforts with reputable clients. This shows that they haven’t just gotten lucky with a few good search engine rankings, and that they’ve actually mastered creating actionable SEO campaigns time and time again. 

2. Consider their own SEO standing

How is the SEO standing of the agency you’re considering? If their own content is buried in the depths of search engines and they’re not ranking, chances are that their SEO efforts are missing the mark. For example, here at RevenueZen, we’re extremely confident in our services, because we rank on the first page for the most important keywords we target.

3. Gauge the quality of their content strategy 

An SEO strategy is only as good as the quality of its content. In order for an inbound marketing strategy to actually work, the content has to be high-quality, useful, accurate, and meet technical SEO guidelines. Now sure how to gauge the quality of an agency’s content strategy? Start by checking out their own blog to see what type of content they create. 

4. Inquire about their timelines

One of the hallmarks of an effective SEO agency is their timelines. While most SEO efforts do require long-term engagements to see success (and it can be nearly impossible to specifically time results), your agency should be prepared for this, should give you estimated timelines, and should paint a picture of what your long-term engagement will look like.

The Top SEO Agencies in the Game Right Now

With all of that in mind, here is our list of the top 8 SEO agencies on the market right now.

1. RevenueZen

Who, us? Yep, we’re listing ourselves first, because not only are we a top-tier SEO agency with a proven track record of success: we deeply believe in the missions and the quality of our work. Our passion is helping growing B2B businesses break their own records for organic-sourced revenue, and SEO marketing is something that we quite frankly excel in. 

How can we say that so confidently? To start with, our talented team of SEO experts produce powerful and repeatable results. But we also practice what we preach, and use our SEO marketing tactics on our own brand. That’s why we rank in the top 10 for some of the most highly competitive terms in our own field, including:

  • “B2B inbound marketing”
  • “SaaS technical SEO”
  • “B2B SEO services”
  • “B2B SEO agency”
  • “How to post on LinkedIn”
  • “B2B SEO agencies”
  • “SaaS website best practices”

We know that the correct SEO strategy and content marketing strategy positions your business and brand as an authority in your marketing, and can lead to an increase in organic traffic, improve conversion ratings, and drive more demo bookings. We shine in all of the core areas of SEO and then some: keyword research, technical SEO audits, link building and off page SEO, competitive gap analysis, and on page optimizations.

Now that you know about us and our services, we’re gonna list some other SEO agencies that are out there. If you’re wondering why, we get it. The truth is that we firmly believe in working with companies who are the best fit for us, and who can best benefit from our services. “May the best win” is one of our core values, and it means we’re not afraid of a little competition in our own space. 

2. WebFX 

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that says its team has “deep expertise across all areas of digital.” Their SEO services include “custom SEO solutions” which can increase “your presence in search engine results.”

3. SocialSEO

SocialSEO offers SEO services, social media marketing, and other types of digital marketing, such as influencer marketing. They say their efforts will help you increase your visibility, grow your customer base, and increase your sales. 

4. Mamba

Mamba says they’re a “leading SEO company with tried and true processes that can help you generate results.” They say they’ve worked with 40+ clients doing “SEO based work,” and that they execute keyword research, content writing, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. 

5. says they’re a “content writing agency that drives results” and that they deliver “high-quality, SEO-friendly content.” They claim to offer “top-tier services that deliver results,” and these services include blog posts, product descriptions, SEO copywriting, press releases, and e-books.

6. Mainstreethost

Mainstreethost says they’re a “modern SEO agency focused on results.” They say that during their 20+ years “in this space,” they’ve seen changes in the SEO landscape, and that they’re a “budget friendly SEO agency.” 

7. SmartSites

SmartSites says they’re “America’s #1 rated digital marketing agency,” and they promise to help you get more traffic, acquire more customers, and “sell more stuff.” When it comes to SEO, they say they’ll help you “drive more organic traffic to your website.”

8. StraightNorth

StraightNorth is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO services, and they say they’re “at the leading edge.” With their SEO services, they say “you will benefit from our experience in a wide range of business verticals, expertise in link acquisition and compelling copywriting that engages users.”

An SEO agency is what you need to take your org to rockstar heights

If you’re still with us, it’s safe to assume you want your business to achieve levels of growth that you previously thought were impossible. While we love daydreaming as much as the next person, we’re here to tell you it’s possible, and we’ve got you covered.

We’re RevenueZen, a SEO agency that knows what it takes to break through the competitive ranks of search engines with impactful keywords. We leverage our technical SEO prowess, next-level technical abilities, and industry-leading strategies to help your business see the kind of organic-sourced revenue that can really take your business to the next level (and beyond).

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, let’s talk.