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Meet The Team

Learn about our people, our story
and our values.

Our Awesome Team

President & Managing Partner

Founder & Chief Evangelist

Partner & Chief Strategist

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Senior SEO Strategist

Mike Mierz

Account Executive

Content Manager

“Being people-first means hiring the right combination of smart capable people, and giving them the right amount of challenge. That’s how we make magic happen for our clients: you work directly with articulate and experienced strategists. With virtually no attrition and compensation well-above industry standards, our team is strategic, consistent, proactive, and communicative. We don’t call it a family: RevenueZen is a team, and a high-performing one. Our culture is built on our core values, and we stand by them through and through. We can’t wait to meet you.”


Our Values

Prioritize people; then clients; then profits

We treat our employees as people who not only deserve our respect and open and honest communication, but who also deserve to be recognized, and celebrated, as three-dimensional beings with interests and passions outside of work. Whether it’s spending time with family and friends, travelling the world, or hiking the mountain in their backyard. We believe that by providing an engaging and supportive place to work and compensating people well we empower them with the financial and emotional resources to pursue what they deem ethically important.

All stakeholders receive consistently candid communication

When you work with us, you get a trusted growth advisor. Everything we do – from our Monday updates to our real-time reporting dashboards – is designed to not only be transparent, but to connect our marketing activities to your business outcomes, providing unbiased insight and direct feedback to help you make the best decisions possible. This is just as true when we’re getting massive results as it is in moments where our strategy needs to pivot. Here at RevenueZen, we’ll always give it to you straight. No BS.

We command excellence from ourselves and our clients

Producing excellent work and helping clients sustainably scale their organic growth is our top priority. Excellence can’t be achieved through half-hearted tactics or a one-size-fits-all approach. It also can’t be done alone. Which is why we hold our clients to the same standard as our team. Each and every campaign is prepared with care, diligence, and requires a deep collaboration between us and our clients. We’re not afraid to push back if a client is getting in their own way, and our feelings aren’t hurt by constructive criticism or feedback that helps improve our strategy. Our goals for growth are the same as yours.

Actively promote inclusivity

As we aim to enable individuals, so do we fight back against actions and attitudes that set back our ethical position. We practice not just tolerance, but radical inclusivity. In doing this, we actively reject intolerance in all forms. While most good businesses aim to defend against intolerance among their staff, we go a step further and actively promote inclusive behavior among the clients, contractors, and other external stakeholders that we choose to work with. 

Our expression of this vision evolves over time, and as our employees themselves grow. We cannot respect our people without listening to them and so it is deeply important to us that we hear from them about what they care about. We can’t make decisions in a vacuum, and we work hard to create an environment in which people can speak up, be heard, and receive thoughtful replies in word and action.

Celebrate milestones on the path of success

Any large project or undertaking, especially in marketing, won’t be completed overnight. We stay excited along the way and help our clients recognize the progress we’re making together as a team.. Our roadmap of successful intermediate steps as we progress to the end goal helps focus discussions and calibrate our efforts, and it ensures everyone knows that our strategy is“working” as it should!

Our Story

We believe the world will be a better place when leaders can stop worrying about how they’ll find more leads and pipeline, and start focusing on their unique vision for their company. That’s why we exist – so that companies can get growth right the first time.

We do that by providing B2B companies with on-demand access to the organic growth marketing strategies, tools, and teams they need, when they need it. Our passion is driving revenue growth for ambitious companies.

We take care of your pipeline so you don’t have to.

After launching in 2017 with a single client, we’ve grown into a team of 10 growth marketing rockstars spread throughout Oregon, California, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and New York.

Collectively, we have decades of experience building and running sales and marketing strategies for companies in the SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, legal, finance, ecommerce, insurance, crowdfunding, startup, and IT space.

Our people are our foundation and we’ve gone out to find the best around so that our clients don’t have to. Oh, and aside from the results we get for clients… we’re a pretty damn fun group of people.

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