Benefits of Link Building For B2B Companies

Backlinks tell search engines like Google where to find new content, what that content means, and how important that content is.

According to Google, backlinks are still one of the most important factors used to judge the quality of your website. When your site is high quality, you rank better for target keywords. The higher your rank, the more inbound traffic, and with more traffic, comes more red hot leads.

However, not all links are created equal. Rather than create manipulative networks of blogs (PBNs), send out thousands of spam emails to bloggers that won’t get replies, or hire some firm who knows where to purchase bulk links, we only deploy Google approved, white hat link building strategies.

This ensures that your domain and brand authority will always increase, and we can do a happy dance as you watch your rankings, traffic, and leads grow.

How We Build Links

There are three primary strategies that we use in order to build high quality backlinks to your website. These are all methods that are considered to be “white hat”, which means that they won’t get you penalized when Google has a major algorithm update.

We also have an 11 point checklist of criteria, on top of your written approval, to ensure that all of our link targets provide SEO benefit and create partnerships you can be proud of.

Guest Contribution

Also referred to as “guest posting”, this is the most common, tried and true method. We find strong websites relevant to your industry, reach out to the editor or owner, and offer to give them some form of content in exchange for a link. Typically the content we offer is a blog post about a topic aligned to your business and theirs, with a link coming back to your homepage, or an existing content asset on your site that we want to rank well.

Resource Links

These are the second most common, and also the most cost effective when we can get them! We’ll find resource pages or resource roundups like “Top B2B Software Tools For X”, and then reach out to the editor to pitch your platform for inclusion. Sometimes they are eager to add, sometimes they require a snippet of content from us or a quote, and sometimes their lists are pay to play. Either way, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to find these due to them usually being good sources of potential customers as well.

Link Reclamation

If you are a high growth oriented business with a dynamic and exciting founder (especially if you’re SaaS), you are likely to get some good press and mentions around the web. However, writers and editors sometimes forget to link back to your website after they mention you. We find these missed opportunities, reach out to the editor, and ask for a link back. More times than not, the editor is happy to make this adjustment.

“Thank you for the very thorough explanation. Its clear that I misunderstood just how important the traffic data is in understanding the significance of the keywords in the report. This has also helped our team here better understand the current state of our content and SEO.”

Peter Parker

"This is FANTASTIC! I love the voice of the article - authoritative yet approachable. The tips are spot on."


Our Process

Wondering how we help our clients build high-quality backlinks at scale?

Here’s what goes on behind the scenes once you task us to help you with link building services:

1. Keyword Research & Anchor Text Analysis

When developing a link-building strategy it’s essential to conduct:

  • Keyword research. This is done to identify keywords you want to rank for and keywords to focus on as you create assets for your link building. You can also conduct keyword research to identify possible anchor text.
  • Anchor text analysis. This will help you build a natural anchor text profile using the average anchor text percentages for your industry. 

2. Build a Prospect List

A prospect list is a list of the publications that you’ll reach out to for backlinks. There are many ways of building up a prospect list, one of which is to check who is linking to your competitors.

3. Outreach at Scale

Armed with a prospect list, we then conduct a link-building outreach. High quality and thorough outreach is a critical part of the link building process, as a poor outreach strategy will result in a low conversion rate.

4. Negotiate

When interested websites agree to the pitch in the step above, it’s time to negotiate the best possible way to work together.  This can involve many factors like the content they need and the type of backlink you’ll get, among other things.

5. Asset Development

Depending on the type of backlink program we’ve established together, we will either create guest posts on your behalf, build resource links (our most common option), or help with link reclamation. We work closely with the editors of the websites we’ll be publishing your guest posts or backlinks on to ensure high-quality deliverables.

6. Placement

The final stage in the process is the placement of the asset. Once the link is live, you get a link back to your website.

Answering your Link Building FAQS

Do you use any black hat tactics?

All our link building tactics are white hat. We believe in building links the right way as this is more sustainable in the long run.

Why is link building important for successful SEO?

Links are a vote of confidence that your website can be trusted to provide relevant, helpful, and expertly written content. This results in search engines ranking your content higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

What are some examples of other link-building strategies?

Apart from the three listed above, another link building strategy involves looking for broken, outdated, or low-quality links on relevant websites. Once you find them, you can reach out to the webmaster with a replacement/better link. Another way involves publishing original research and hoping other websites in your niche will link to it.

Which is the best link building strategy?

The best strategy is to align our link targets with your keyword targets, build out a robust anchor text plan, and to find extremely high quality website partners within your business vertical.

Does link building still work?

Search engines still rely on backlinks to determine a website’s credibility and will continue doing so for a long time. This means until search engines find another alternative to using links as a ranking factor, link building will continue to work.

What’s the difference between internal and external link strategies?

  • Internal link strategies. These mainly focus on creating links between pages on your website. This helps to show search engines the relationship between said pages and makes it easier for them to crawl your site.
  • External link building. This involves creating links between your website and other sites. External links help build domain authority and credibility. 

Is link building difficult?

Link building is no walk in the park. It requires expert knowledge on how to craft effective strategies and how to conduct outreach campaigns that work. It’s a high touch and finicky art that requires a careful touch, and a whole lot of zen.

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