When you’re part of a business with a large online presence, your SEO techniques can’t be the same as the mom-and-pop website down the block with a few dozen pages. Whether or not your team itself is actually big, when your website has a high volume of pages, handling SEO is a whole different ball game. This is called enterprise SEO, and because of how high-stakes and technical it is, many businesses of this calibur choose to partner with one of the leading enterprise SEO agencies.

What makes enterprise SEO such a unique behemoth to deal with? When your website has a lot of pages (think: hundreds or thousands), SEO is far more complicated and delicate than with smaller-sized websites. Moving the needle requires strategic, sophisticated techniques, and needs to be able to deliver growth to companies which already have a large amount of market share. Enterprise SEO can also serve other purposes, such as protecting a business from fluctuations in the algorithms in search engines, and even insulating it during a PR crisis.

Here’s everything you need to know about enterprise SEO, including our selective list of the top enterprise SEO agencies that are around right now.

What’s the Deal with Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a great deal different from other types of SEO work, and it can typically vary in both its goals and its approaches. First of all, enterprise SEO is reserved for businesses with a large amount of pages on their website. The business itself doesn’t have to be large, and it doesn’t matter how many employees are on the team. But if an organization has a ton of pages on its website (the high hundreds or more), then it likely falls into the enterprise category.

There are a few other factors that help determine if a site needs enterprise SEO tactics. While the organization doesn’t need to be big, it should still be an authority in its space, and the website should play a significant role in its reputation, footprint, and overall business.

There’s also a certain amount of internal infrastructure needed to maintain a website of this nature. That means an organization likely has certain processes, team members, and even automation tools in place, to handle such a high volume of pages.

Why is Enterprise SEO its Own Thing?

When a website has a high volume of pages, it requires different strategies and tactics to both maintain and make new waves. Firstly, companies of this nature are often targeting highly-competitive, short tail keywords. Think about some of the biggest websites you know on Page 1 of Google. These listings take an incredible amount of SEO techniques and domain authority to produce and upkeep. 

Websites with this quantity of pages are also incredibly complex to work with. Let’s take a website like harvard.com. A quick search shows us that this website has about 133,000 pages. If you were to want to update legacy content with new pages, you’d have to be very aware of the link structure of the website, and how those legacy pages impact the domain authority for the website.

One of the biggest differences between enterprise SEO and your standard-issue SEO is scope & scale. Enterprise SEO is designed to handle SEO at-scale, for large, dominant properties and organizations. 

Organizations of this nature typically also have different multiple people or even departments who contribute to the site, both functionally and editorially. There might be a layered process in place for content design and production, for example, as well as a team in place for working on the site itself. And when there are multiple stakeholders involved, getting things done becomes all the more challenging.

But the top enterprise SEO agencies know this, and they’re designed and equipped to expertly work with businesses of this nature and structure. And this can make all the difference in a business, especially when we consider the fact that Inbound SEO leads cost 62% less than outbound leads, and SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media

The Perks of Enterprise SEO Agencies

When your business partners with one of the top enterprise SEO agencies, it doesn’t just get some keyword-optimized pages and run-of-the-mill content. Here are some of the most notable benefits of partnering with enterprise SEO agencies:

1. You have a partner who knows the ins and outs of enterprise

Companies with large-scale, complex websites can’t just go to any SEO agency. While there are many available to choose from, very few are going to have the skills, tools, and experience necessary to expertly navigate the world of enterprise SEO. But when you choose a partner that specifically offers enterprise SEO services, you know they have the capacity for a website of your scale and impact.

2. They know all there is to know about organic search

While your org might have partnered with a marketing agency before, or might have an internal team working on the website, very rarely are these folks masters of all aspects of organic search. Even digital marketing agencies have their own specialties, and focus on a range of things, from social media influencers to running paid ads on Google. 

When you partner with enterprise SEO agencies, you know they’ve mastered the art of all things organic search. This includes keyword research, mapping content to your buyer’s journey, technical SEO audits, enterprise-level content audits, link building, off-page SEO, competitive gap analysis, and on-page optimizations. 

3. They connect SEO to your business goals 

Every leading enterprise SEO agency knows that SEO isn’t the goal in and of itself. While ranking highly in search engines is part of the equation, SEO can also directly contribute to certain business outcomes. Enterprise SEO agencies know this, and know how to understand your business, its goals, and how SEO can help you get there. 

4. They can help you gain or maintain authority in the search engines

If your website is large and complex, and you’re vying for more real estate on Page 1 for your most essential search terms, then enterprise SEO agencies are the answer. That’s because they know how to get more of your pages to rank, how to target the most competitive search terms in your space, and how to actually shift the standings of search engines.

If your business already has Page 1 dominance, working with enterprise SEO agencies might be even more crucial. With tough competitors gunning for your positions, it’s important to stay in “maintenance mode,” in order to ensure your domain authority holds strong. 

5. They work with your stakeholders

As an organization with a large or growing website, it’s very likely there are at least a few stakeholders who are involved in the process of content and what gets published. Your enterprise SEO agency knows this, and they’re prepared for this. They can easily work with all of your key stakeholders and decision makers, and be the ones who (finally) take ownership of SEO.

What You Can Expect Enterprise SEO Agencies to Own

So you decide to partner with one of the top enterprise SEO agencies, but what do they own IRL in your org? Here are a few of the tasks and responsibility you can expect enterprise SEO agencies to be at the helm of:

1. They’ll get to know your company inside and out

At the core of every top-grade SEO effort is tireless research and planning. That’s why your enterprise SEO agency partner will start not by creating content, but by diving deep into your company. They’ll talk with your decision-makers, will master your brand voice, get to know your business’ goals, and dive deep into what your buyer’s journey looks like.

2. They’ll solidify your SEO base

In order for SEO efforts to be successful, your current website might need a bit of an upgrade. During the research and planning stage, it’s possible your enterprise SEO agency partner will find some gaps in your SEO foundations, which would hinder any further SEO strategies. This means they’ll improve your website all-around, by looking for things that the search engines care about, like title tags, load speed, URL structure, and code-level technical errors. 

3. They’ll create content (but not just any old content)

Your enterprise SEO partner understands three things very well: how to create content that’s connected to your specific buyer’s journey, which addresses search intent, and that’s also meeting the needs of prospects who are at different stages of your funnel. 

What exactly does this mean?

Every prospect who comes to your website is going to be at different stages of the buyer’s journey. This is a specific experience your prospects go through with your company on their way to purchasing from you. Customers have different levels of awareness about your brand and solutions, might be at a stage where they’re considering solutions and comparing options, or they might be ready to make a decision. 

At the same time, content needs to take search intent into consideration, or what the goal is of the person searching the query. One case study found that search intent is a “critical ranking factor” for content, with one researcher from the study saying that “when you create content in alignment with what Google already sees as relevant, you have a higher likelihood of ranking.”

Lastly, your content will be crafted for different funnel stages. For example, content at the top of the funnel will be created for prospects who are searching for the most basic information about a topic, and is designed to break down topics into simple terms. 

4. They’ll address the nitty-gritty of SEO

In order to make waves in the search engines, it takes more than just creating a keyword-rich blog post and knowing the ins and outs of content marketing. There are many technical aspects to SEO, which your partner agency will take into account. They’ll focus on your link structure and link building, using backlinks to help boost and maintain domain authority, for example. 

In order to maximize your results, your partner agency will also handle things like guest posting, content outreach, building business directory profiles, and good ol’ fashioned PR. They’ll also take what your competitors are doing into account, so your SEO efforts can stand out from the pack.

5. They’ll use metrics and data to track results

As content is created and goes live, your enterprise SEO agency will monitor the outcomes of these efforts. They’ll use metrics and data to analyze how the search engines are responding, and to determine if your business goals are being achieved. Your partner agency will be able to see what’s working and what can be refined, and will quickly adapt as-needed.

Tips for Choosing an Enterprise SEO Agency

When you’re choosing an enterprise SEO agency to work with, you’ll quickly see just how many agencies are out there. Because of this, it can be challenging to sort through the options, and land on a perfect-fit agency for your organization.

Here are some tips for choosing the right enterprise SEO agency:

1. Make sure enterprise is their speciality 

Let’s face it: your enterprise website is complicated, and it takes specialists to understand how to deal with the high volume of pages your site has. Because of this, it’s crucial that any SEO agency you work with has a focus on enterprise SEO, and that they’re prepared to handle a website of your caliber.

2. Ask about their strategy

You should never be in the dark about the SEO strategy of your enterprise agency, and they should be able to walk you through their exact process. Transparency is crucial when it comes to SEO efforts, so you know exactly what the results are, and why they’re happening. 

3. Ensure their services are comprehensive

As we’ve been discussing, SEO goes far beyond creating keyword-rich content. Because of this, it’s important to pick an enterprise SEO agency that offers comprehensive services. This should typically include link building, on-page SEO optimizations, competition analysis, and technical SEO.

4. Assess their previous work

Enterprise SEO agencies should have a wealth of success stories and happy clients, and you should be able to analyze their track record critically. Take a look at their previous work, and what types of companies they’re worked with in the past, to ensure they’re a good fit for your org.

6 Enterprise SEO Agencies You Should Know About

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: here’s our list of 6 top enterprise SEO agencies you should consider working with. 

6 Enterprise SEO Agencies You Should Know About

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: here’s our list of 6 top enterprise SEO agencies you should consider working with. 

1. RevenueZen

It’s me, hi 👋

Maybe you figured it out by now, but we’re RevenueZen, an SEO agency that offers enterprise services. If you’ve made it this far, it’s a testament to our SEO efforts: that’s how you found this post in the first place.

We eat, sleep, and breathe SEO, and enterprise SEO is something we’re happy to take off your plate. We know exactly what it takes to manage high-volume websites, and launch targeted SEO strategies at-scale. We also know the technical side of SEO, connect content to your buyer’s journey, and know how to leverage SEO to help you accomplish larger business goals.

Our SEO results speak to themselves. Clients leave us rave reviews, and we rank in the top 10 for some of the most competitive search terms in our own niche, such as:

  • “B2B inbound marketing”
  • “SaaS technical SEO”
  • “B2B SEO services”
  • “B2B SEO agency”
  • “How to post on LinkedIn”
  • “B2B SEO agencies”
  • “SaaS website best practices” 

Now that you know a bit about us, meet some of our competitors. We deeply believe in the philosophy of “may the best win,” so we’re happy to introduce you to other enterprise SEO agencies which might be a good fit for your organization.

2. Rank Science 

Rank Science says they can help your brand “take SEO to the enterprise level,” and that they will “tip the scale with enterprise SEO.” Their services include technical audits, content audits, and A/B testing.

3. WebFX

WebFX offers enterprise SEO services, which they say can “simplify your corporate SEO.” They also say they “offer enterprise SEO services that ease the complexity of SEO, as well as drive the sales and revenue your brand demands.”

4. Accelerate Agency

Accelerate Agency is an enterprise SEO agency that says it can “scale your enterprise business with SEO.” They also say their approach “consists of a combination of technical, onsite, offsite, and content marketing.”

5. Fishtank

Fishtank offers enterprise SEO services, including “fully managed SEO services for large websites and businesses.” They say their services are “designed to reach your goals & increase your organic website traffic.”

6. Timmermann Group

Timmermann Group is an enterprise SEO company that offers “enterprise SEO services tailored to you.” They say they establish SEO goals, measure baselines, evaluate competition, conduct keyword research, execute a keyword strategy, and focus on technical SEO. 

Your large-scale website deserves large-scale enterprise SEO efforts

Your website has a lot of pages, and it’s continuing to grow. That means you need to partner with an enterprise SEO agency that knows exactly how to approach this kind of SEO work strategically and methodically. 

That’s where we come in. We’re an SEO agency that specializes in helping enterprise organizations with a high volume of website pages break through the ranks of search engines, earn more domain authority, and protect the domain authority they already have.
You won’t regret having our team on your side. Contact us today to get started.