The software as a service industry (or SaaS, as it’s commonly known) has been exploding in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. And if you’re part of one of the many subscription-based businesses working tirelessly to win over clients month after month, then you know how much marketing matters. The truth is that when your clients have endless opportunities to churn to your competitors, it’s mission-critical that your marketing efforts reach clients who are one-to-one perfect fit for your business, no matter where they are in the customer journey.

Because of how much marketing matters to the health and success of SaaS businesses, many leaders in the space entrust their efforts to leading SaaS content marketing agencies. 

SaaS content marketing agencies do more than just post a few blogs with some keywords and hope for the best. They take a data-backed, technical approach to content marketing, which involves intensive research, targeted strategy development, and hyper-specific content creation and deployment, which doesn’t just land on the pages of search engines, but also delivers on business goals. 

Whether you’re looking for more inbound leads or eager to strengthen brand awareness, SaaS content marketing agencies are probably what you’re looking for.

Here’s everything you need to know about why you should (almost definitely) partner with a SaaS content marketing agency, what you can expect from them, plus, a highly-curated list of the top 7 SaaS content marketing agencies out there today.

What Can SaaS Content Marketing Agencies Do for My Business?

If you’re heading up a SaaS company, we know that you definitely know a thing or two about branding, strategy, and marketing. You likely even have incredibly talented people on your team who are fearlessly leading some of these efforts. So, why should you even fuss with SaaS content marketing agencies at all?

The short of it is that content marketing is far too important (and can be far too impactful for your entire organization) to leave up to chance, and in order to get the rankings-moving results you’re aiming for, your content marketing approach needs to be airtight and exceptional. 

Why is that the case?

First, let’s touch on what content marketing is exactly. Content marketing is a marketing approach which focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content, in order to attract an audience that’s interested in what your company has to offer. 

It’s marketing that almost doesn’t feel like marketing to the audience. Instead of creating ads, or promoting products or services, an organization will create content (such as blogs or videos) which provide useful information to the audience.

The goal of all of this is to get audiences interested, build a relationship with them, build brand authority, and ultimately, influence your audience’s purchasing decisions. 

While the creation of content might sound simple enough to execute, it’s not enough to simply write or create something and post it online. There are many technical steps and practices which go into researching topics, determining keyword use, crafting quality content that’s useful, posting it, and building authority for the page and website, so that this content actually reaches its intended audience, and converts.

In the SaaS industry, this visibility and reach is vital. Data tells us that the SaaS space in 2024 is worth more than $195 billion, and it has increased in size by more than 500% in the past seven years alone. What this means is that in this rapidly growing and competitive space, standing out and finding ways to attract inbound leads is paramount. 

Not only that, but clients are turning to SaaS solutions more and more. Studies show that 38% of companies say 100% of their processes are running solely on SaaS platforms. There are customers to be had when it comes to SaaS, and in order to get your slice of the pie, you need to make it seamless for your customers to find you. 

That’s where SaaS content marketing agencies shine.

The Pros of Working with SaaS Content Marketing Agencies

When you work with one of the leading SaaS content marketing agencies, what can you expect them to actually do? Here are some of the benefits of working with SaaS content marketing agencies, and what you can expect:

Benefit #1: They start with result-oriented research

Any skillful content marketer knows that you can’t just start by creating content. You first need to have a wealth of understanding of practices such as technical SEO, and will start with content audits and editorial content planning. Their strategies will involve keywords which actually deliver on your business goals, instead of keywords which just *sound nice.

Benefit #2: They understand the buyer’s journey

Content is never one-size-fits-all, because your customers aren’t coming to your content from the same place. What we mean by this is that all customers are at different stages of the buyer’s journey, which means they’re operating with various stages of awareness, consideration, and product comparisons, before deciding to make a purchase. Content needs to be created with the buyer’s journey in mind, so it’s meeting your customer where they genuinely are. 

Benefit #3: Consistent content creation is spearheaded by pros

It’s one thing to write a blog post here and there. It’s another thing to consistently produce quality content which actually meets the needs of your customers. The leading SaaS content marketing agencies know this, and they take the reins on the content production process. That means you get quality content, in quantities that actually move the needle.

Benefit #4: The know what it takes to strengthen your results

Technical SEO involves more than just posting and hoping for the best, and SaaS content marketing agencies know the tricks of the trade to actually get the results you want. For example, link building is one of Google’s top 3 considerations for ranking your content, and is critical to the long-term success of any content marketing campaign. That’s why SaaS content marketing agencies know how to build quality backlinks, which are white hat and Google-approved. 

Benefit #5: Their data-backed approach is versatile

Content marketers leverage data and analytics to monitor the results of any content marketing campaign. This means they can easily tweak a strategy, double down on what’s working, and pivot as often as needed. This also means that you have increased flexibility as a client, to end up with a tailored plan that meets your business’ precise needs.

What Can You Expect SaaS Content Marketing Agencies to Own?

If you’re not already working with an external partner for your SaaS content marketing needs, then you might be wondering what exactly you can expect a SaaS content marketing agency to do, and what they’ll own in your organization. While this can vary depending on what your organization looks like, here are some of the roles + responsibilities of SaaS content marketing agencies:

  1. Data-backed keyword research

Your content marketing partner will provide you with keywords backed by data and meticulous research. Factors for keyword selection can include search volume, competitiveness, and the search intent of the target user. Your content marketing partner will also conduct SERP analyses, and will ensure that the chosen keywords are mapped to specific stages of your buyer’s journey, before content is created.

  1. Robust SEO audits 

All websites are vulnerable to SEO errors, which can hold a site back from ranking, and can hinder the success of content. That’s why your content marketing partner will turn the lens on your current website’s pages, and scrutinize them for issues which might be a point of friction for ranking, or for visitors to your website. These audits ensure that search engines are also properly crawling and indexing your site. During this time, underperforming content can be modified, or removed altogether. 

  1. Aggressive competition analysis 

The SaaS landscape can be cutthroat, and your competitors are not to be ignored during the content marketing process. Your SaaS content marketing agency will analyze what your competitors are doing, and what their marketing strategies are like, so you can break through the ranks, present as an attractive option to clients, and leverage any gaps in their strategy. 

  1. On-page SEO deployment

Proper SaaS content marketing starts with optimizing the pages and content which already exists. This might include keyword optimization on your home page, landing pages, and service pages, for example, as well as current blog content. Other strategies such as link building, URL optimization, and proper use of heading and title tags can come into play here, to strengthen the performance of current content.

  1. Specific, targeted content creation

SaaS content marketing agencies create content which is useful to your audiences, technically accurate, and that is hyper-targeted to your customer’s buyer journey. Whether they’re first learning about solutions to their pain point or they’re debating between brands, your content will get them converting. 

  1. Strategies to strengthen your site 

If you’re wondering why some content ranks above yours, it might have to do with things like domain authority (DA). By taking steps to build your DA (such as link building), your content marketing partner will help your site get better-recognized for your SEO efforts. They might deploy strategies which include guest posting, outreach campaigns, and building business directory profiles, for example. 

  1. Continuous support (as your company grows)

Your SaaS content marketing agency knows that it takes continuous effort and support to reach the content marketing goals you dream about. They’ll provide you with ongoing support, and will act as a lifeline for your business, providing you with feedback, insight, and expert advice. 

Factors for Choosing a SaaS Content Marketing Agency

So you’re interested in partnering with a SaaS content marketing agency, but you’re not sure where to start. The truth is that there are really tons to choose from, and it can be hard to determine which one is the perfect fit for your org. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a SaaS content marketing agency: 

  1. Let their track record speak for itself

Sure, SaaS content marketing agencies might sound like they have their ish together, but do they actually? In order to see if they actually deliver on their promises, take a look at their track record. This can include successful content marketing campaigns and past clients.

  1. Weigh their own content marketing results

It might be a trial by fire, but these results should speak for themselves: when you search keywords, does your content marketing agency rank? Is their content on Page 1, ranking highly, and are you actually finding it organically? If so, it’s likely a great indicator that your content marketing agency knows what’s up, and that they’re able to successfully deploy their own strategies and get intended results.

  1. Conduct a quality audit

Creating content is one thing, but creating accurate, interesting, and high-quality content is another. Review the content on an agency’s website (including their pages and blog) to see what type of content they’re actually producing. 

  1. Ask about their offerings

Content marketing can take many shapes and sizes, and it’s important to understand what an agency is going to deliver. Their strategy might include content production, strategy development, link building, and SEO audits, for example, or it might just include content production. Understand how comprehensive an agency’s approach is, to determine if they’ll be able to get you the results you’re angling for.

The Best 8 SaaS Content Marketing Agencies to Work With 

Now that you know just about everything there is when it comes to working with a content marketing agency, let’s get into it. Here is our curated list of the best X SaaS content marketing agencies to work with.

1. RevenueZen

Okay, you caught us. We’re starting off strong with ourselves, because we deeply believe in the quality of our content marketing work, and we think we could be a great fit for one another. We have a proven track record when it comes to successful content marketing and SEO strategies, and we produce powerful results, for both clients and ourselves.

What do we mean by that? Firstly, our team is made up of content-obsessed SEO experts, who have industry-leading experience which translates into real, tangible business results. Just take a look at the SEO for our own brand: we rank in the top 10 for some of the most competitive terms in our own industry, including:

  • “B2B inbound marketing”
  • “SaaS technical SEO”
  • “B2B SEO services”
  • “B2B SEO agency”
  • “How to post on LinkedIn”
  • “B2B SEO agencies”
  • “SaaS website best practices” 

We know what it takes to execute a content marketing strategy which converts. That’s why we don’t just offer keyword research + content production (although that’s part of what we do). Our content marketing services include robust research, meticulous keyword selection, on-page audits, SEO & link building practices, competitive gap analysis, and off-page SEO.

That’s a bit about us. You should also know that we’re big believers in working with brands and people who are genuinely a perfect fit for us, and who will best benefit from our services. That’s why we’re happy to share some other SaaS content marketing agencies with you. We’re not afraid of a little competition, because we know our results and work speaks for itself.

2. Dear Content

Dear Content says that “good content is good business,” and that they’re “not just an agency.” Good Content also says they’re a content team which can help you get more traffic, leads, and sales, and that they can help you with different goals. 

3. Wordify

Wordify is a digital marketing company that offers content marketing services. They say their “talented content writers have mastered the art of SEO and create fascinating marketing content.”

4. Acuity

Acuity provides “comprehensive web content management services ranging from content maintenance, content publishing, web asset creation, content audits and platform migration.” They say they have web content management specialists, and that they can also manage internal document repositories. 

5. Crafted

Crafted says they’re a “brand-first digital agency” and that they specialize in “engaging content marketing.” Crafted says it builds brand awareness and helps you “cultivate long standing relationship with your audience.” 

6. Manifest

Manifest is a “creative led content agency” which offers content strategy and content marketing services. They say that “content can be anything, but it must always be meaningful,” and that they provide clients with “videos, articles, social posts, podcasts, commercials, long form, short form, editorial, (and) case studies.”

7. Piper

Piper is a digital marketing agency that offers content creation services. They say that they “work closely with our partners to create top-notch content that engages and converts your target audience while also helping to boost your search engine rankings.”

8. Big Leap

Big Leap says they’re “an SEO company you can trust,” and that they can help you achieve your goals. Their content marketing services include metadata health, site structure, and link building. 

You’re here because you want your business to grow thanks to content marketing. Let us take you to new heights. 

You have big dreams for your business, we know it. But in order for your business to reach outer-space heights, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that’s going to deliver. That’s where our SaaS content marketing services come in.

Allow us to say hey: we’re RevenueZen, a SaaS content marketing agency offering robust services for B2B business which are specifically designed to meet your business goals. Let us own your content strategy, production, creation, deployment, and monitoring, so you can focus on doing what you love: running your business, and taking it to the places you dream about.

If what we’re offering sounds up your alley, let’s talk.