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LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for B2B companies to engage directly with decision-makers in their target market. Using our LinkedIn marketing services, companies are generating leads, closing deals, and becoming thought leaders in their industry. 

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Our Focus? Strategies That Generate Real Revenue

Founders, revenue leaders, and frontline sales and marketing reps use RevenueZen’s LinkedIn marketing services to generate leads, close more deals, and become thought leaders in their space.

This often includes a mix of consulting, coaching, and done-for-you services and are designed to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to generate new business using LinkedIn. Here’s an overview of what we offer.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

People buy from people, at the end of the day – and the voices of your leadership team are those your customers most want to hear from. 

Our LinkedIn ghostwriting consulting helps galvanize your network and positions you as the thought leader in your field that your customers want to hear from. 

We want to help you capture your authentic voice, while also making sure your content has the intended effect of increasing interest among your customer base.

Network Expansion Outreach

Reach your prospects socially and organically. 

LinkedIn is where B2B happens, and you’ll build up your Connections list with ideal-fit prospects as you connect with them through our service.

This network building program is powered by our proprietary SaaS platform and results in more exposure, new prospect conversations, and a larger audience.

Executive Profile Optimization

Your profile is the landing page for your personal brand.

If you’re a leader at the company, it’s something your company’s prospects will look at – both for sales, and recruiting.

Make it count, make it stand out, and tell your story.

"I really believe RevenueZen is the top matter expert on Linkedin and B2B content. Despite having so many clients, I always felt like they have given my business incredible attention and focus, really taking the time to learn about who our prospects/customers are and what will attract them to engage."

Corey Schwitz

Who Should Use Our LinkedIn Marketing Services?

  • Founders, executives, or leaders who want to be seen as a thought leader in their space.
  • Demand generation teams who want to leverage LinkedIn as another source of qualified leads.
  • Marketing teams who want to increase brand awareness with a highly targeted audience.
  • Sales teams who need more qualified leads.
  • Agency owners who want to establish credibility and demonstrate their expertise within their market.
  • B2B professionals who use LinkedIn but feel like they could be doing it better.

Companies across most industries and verticals are a good fit for our LinkedIn marketing services and strategies, as long as your target audience and market is on LinkedIn. This includes:

  • Startups/SaaS companies who want a lean growth strategy that generates leads consistently and quickly.
  • B2B companies who want to leverage LinkedIn to connect directly with decision-makers and start sales conversations.
  • Agencies and professional services companies that want to demonstrate expertise and build trust with their target market.
  • Brands who want access to a highly active audience of targeted business professionals.

LinkedIn FAQs

How do I market my services on Linkedin?

Simple, you don’t. At least, not directly in a used car salesman kind of way. If you want to be successful that is. 

Your goals on LinkedIn should be to 1. Establish trust and position yourself as an authority in your niche 2. Proactively build your network and 3. Engage with folks in your target audience as often as possible. 

Do that consistently over time and your customers will come to you.

How effective is LinkedIn marketing?

Great question, let’s look at some stats. 

  1. We’ve generated ⅓ of our revenue as a company directly through LinkedIn. 
  2. $525k is the largest deal sourced from one of our client campaigns. 
  3. 33% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to research purchases.
  4. In one study, traffic from LinkedIn was found to have the highest visitor to lead conversation rate when compared to other social networks. 

Overall, LinkedIn is incredibly effective at building trust, credibility, and engagement for your B2B brand when leveraged properly.

How much does LinkedIn marketing cost?

That depends on your needs and desired outcomes. Check out our campaign pricing page here.

LinkedIn Resources To Help You Grow

LinkedIn Resources To Help You Grow

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What’s a perfect day for you?

What’s your favorite part of your job?

What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?