We Understand The Ins-And-Outs Of SEO for Service Businesses

A well-tailored online marketing strategy can make or break even the best professional service companies in today’s digital world. Almost every online interaction starts with a search engine (about 93%). Still, despite this high volume of searchers, 75% of people never look past the first search engine result page (affectionately called a ‘SERP’).

For many, this presents a hurdle. Where do you start? How do you know what’s working or not? It’s difficult to pin down by yourself.  But for our SEO strategists, we are well versed in this game of focusing on what key terms you have the right to own and how to position your website to rank on the first page. At that point, the increases in organic traffic and steady business growth are just a formality.

Here are the most prominent features of our SEO strategy.


As experts in B2B content marketing, we know that content is king and that the internet is no exception to this rule.

As your dedicated SEO agency, we want to help you create stunning new content and optimize your assets at the same time. Our goal is to help you become the go to resource for target customers, give them the information they need to give them confidence in your offer, and ultimately, get in touch with you.

Link Building For Authority

One of the most important ways to build authority and buff your search engine rankings is through link building.

Backlinks, which ‘link back’ to your content from external sites, position you as the expert that all other experts turn to — both in the eyes of readers and the algorithms that rank your site.

On Page SEO

A large part of what makes a webpage work is its layout. From the meta description that convinces users to open your page to the organization and accessibility of the information contained within, we’ll use eye-catching headings, optimize your URL configuration, add alt text, and perfect the experience of your on-site interactions and eCommerce functions.

Our on page SEO solutions are your new competitive advantage.

"Starting from scratch we went from zero to 10+ qualified leads per week and have closed 4 deals to date far exceeding the cost of the program"

Daniel AVP of Marketing and QA

"They're transparent, honest, and able to understand the big picture to capture all aspects of the business."

Ben Business Development Manager

What Do Professional Services Firms Need In An SEO Provider?

B2B SEO is about more than just keywords and links. It’s a holistic approach to functional internet marketing tactics. Here are only a few of the many ways our understanding of SEO issues for professional services firms can help your company.

Technical SEO & Website Support

Anyone claiming to be an “SEO Expert” should not only be able to assist in content creation and “on page” SEO optimizations (title tags, meta descriptions, schema.org structured data, etc), but in the technical aspects of SEO as well. Related website optimization support includes:

  • CTR-optimal title tags and meta descriptions that accurately inform search engines and potential customers alike
  • Logical and organized information structure with heading tags that help Googlebot and other search engines navigate your content
  • Optimized indexation through XML, robots.txt, canonization, and whatever else needs doing
  • Loading speed to match the guidelines set out by Google’s Core Web Vitals

Ongoing Analytics

  • Data analysis through Google Analytics and other sites
  • Dashboard setup and data visualization and elaboration
  • Keyword maintenance
  • Competitor analysis and relative positioning
  • Monitored conversion of visitors to customers as a result of web-based improvements (including chatbots, subscriptions, and demo requests)
  • Monthly updates with strategy and further insights based on data obtained

Industry Specific Experience

  • Accounting & Tax Advisory
  • Law Firms & Legal Advisors
  • Consultants
  • Marketing Firms

Overall Strategy

  • Utilize Off-Page Resources. Craft direct competitor comparisons explaining why your service comes out on top and securing customers from outside the immediate scope of your site
  • Customer-focus. Using customer-generated feedback, expand the solutions you offer by creating numerous solutions landing pages that tailor the experience to what your customers need
  • Organize. Break down your content into manageable pieces that each highlight and address a specific need within your customer base.

SEO & Content Marketing Resources To Help You Grow

SEO & Content Marketing Resources To Help You Grow

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