Success in business, especially in a crowded space like SaaS, largely depends on one major factor — visibility.

For your product to sell, it must be easy for your target audience to find it.

And that’s exactly where SaaS directories come into play. 

What Is A SaaS Business Directory?

A SaaS business directory is an online registry that lists SaaS businesses in an index that’s organized alphabetically by industry or location, among other factors. Each business’s listing is linked to the company’s website.

SaaS business directories are essential to your B2B marketing strategy because they are usually a go-to resource for B2B buyers shopping around for a SaaS solution. In addition, because SaaS Business directories are searchable by brand name or keywords, it becomes easier for your target audience to find you. 

Why Are SaaS Directories So Important?

So, why are SaaS directories important?

Why should you bother investing time and resources in being listed on one?

Here are four business cases of why SaaS directories should be a part of your SaaS marketing strategy:


One of the most significant benefits of listing your business on a SaaS directory is that it helps boost your SaaS SEO strategy. When you list your business on a SaaS directory, you get a backlink. And as you know, backlinks from high DA sites are essential to boosting your SEO. From an SEO perspective, listing on many different business directories equals valuable backlinks. This also enables you to leverage barnacle SEO.

Besides backlinks, business directories are a great way to earn citations. These are mentions of your brand on platforms other than your own. Citations are a great way to boost your entity SEO, a new and unexplored way of ranking higher in search.

Another reason listing your site on a business directory is good for SEO is that it helps drive traffic to your site. Because most people who visit SaaS directories are interested in SaaS products, the traffic will be targeted and relevant.

Brand Recognition

Besides SEO, listing your business on a relevant SaaS directory is an excellent way to boost your brand recognition.

Building a brand people can easily identify with a particular solution is critical if you’re to outperform the competition. It’s essential to business growth. That’s why you must leverage SaaS business directories. The more your target sees your brand, the easier it is for them to remember what solutions you provide.

So, if you’re working on your B2B brand strategy, include listing your business in as many SaaS directories.

Social Proof

Social proof is a crucial component for building trust with your customers. The fact that they’re visiting the business directory you’re listed on is a testament to the fact that they trust that site. Likewise, seeing your business listed on that site leads them to have faith in your product.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of every business. However, according to research, lead generation is one of the top challenges marketers face.

To increase your chances of running a successful B2B lead generation strategy, you must know where your customers hang out. If you’re in the SaaS vertical, SaaS directories are a great place to meet your target audience.

20 Best SaaS Directories In 2024

Now that you know what a SaaS directory is and why they’re important, you’re probably wondering which ones to focus on.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Here’s our list of the top 20 SaaS directories to list your business on in 2024.

1. Capterra

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 90

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 1.4M

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Capterra

Capterra is one of the oldest and most trusted SaaS directories around. It prides itself on being a platform that helps technology vendors and buyers connect easily. Besides being an intermediary for buyers and SaaS brands, Capterra also grants users access to in-depth guides and other research for different software verticals.

One of the platform’s best features is that users can leave reviews of software they’ve purchased and used. This is excellent for proving social proof.

Capterra is free to use for both buyers and SaaS brands.

2. G2

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 90

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 3.5M

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory G2

G2 was designed to be more community-focused, giving it a different “feel” from other SaaS directories. The community factor is probably why users are keen to support brands with reviews.

With more than 5.5 million buyers on the platform, it’s definitely a great place to generate leads for your brand. Besides being a SaaS directory, G2 also equips brands with marketing tools to help them connect to the right buyers.

3. GetApp

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 82

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 886k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory GetApp

GetApp, like Capterra, is a Gartner product and is thus ranked among the best business directories for SaaS. Thanks to the built-in interactive tools and detailed product data, it makes it easy for buyers to compare SaaS solutions. Buyers also get access to feature research, insights, and industry trends. Add to that the fact that users of the software can leave reviews, and it definitely stands out as one of the best SaaS directories to consider.

4. Software Advice

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 84

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 1.1M

Listing: Paid

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Software Advice

Software Advice is another Gartner product — but with a twist. Unlike the others in the stable, Software Advice helps you generate leads by recommending you to buyers that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP). Because they’re more involved, you have to pay to be listed on the platform. They also screen products to ensure only those suitable for the site are listed. 

5. TrustRadius

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 81

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 430k

Listing: Free and paid

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory TrustRadius

TrustRadius is a SaaS directory designed to help B2B software buyers make better product decisions by providing unbiased product reviews. SaaS brands can leverage the reviews left by their customers to drive marketing and sales campaigns.

While TrustRadius is free, they also have a premium plan designed to help you generate leads faster.

6. Product Hunt

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 90 

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 2.2M

Listing: Free 

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a platform that makes it easy for users to find the next hot technological solution.  This makes it an excellent starting point for startups. You can submit a product on the platform, and the community votes on it. This is one of the key differences the platform has from other SaaS directories. The platform also offers different tools to help make your product more visible.

7. AlternativeTo

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 79

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 1.7M

Listing: Free 

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory AlternativeTo

AlternativeTo is a SaaS business directory with a twist. Instead of using categories, users can search for alternatives to a software solution or app they already know. Users of the platform can upvote or downvote a product, impacting its performance on the platform.

8. TechnologyAdvice 

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 78

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 400k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Technology Advice

TechnologyAdvice is a SaaS directory designed to empower users to make the right decision when purchasing a product. This is done by providing, apart from product listings, a resource library and the ability to search for software products across categories. You can also publish case studies and reviews, among many other marketing tools.

9. AngelList

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 90

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 538k

Listing: Free and paid

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Angel List

AngelList is one of the most popular platforms for connecting different players in SaaS. From connecting brands to talent or angel investors to everything in between, AngelList is where meaningful relationships are established. This makes it a go-to business directory for SaaS startups.

10. Crunchbase

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 90

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 22.4M

Listing: Plans start at $29/user/month

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Crunchbase

Crunchbase is one SaaS directory every startup or early-stage startup must list on. Besides getting you listed, Crunchbase provides tools to help you with your prospecting. And like AngelList, the platform can also help connect you to angel investors for funding.

11. Index

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 63

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 18.5k

Listing: Paid

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Index

If you’re looking for a SaaS directory that specializes in funding, Index is it. Besides connecting brands to investors, the platform also allows you to list your product to attract buyers. You also get data on what’s trending in your ecosystem, allowing you to easily track your competition.

12. TechCrunch

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 92

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 13.1M

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory TechCrunch

Techcrunch is another SaaS directory you should leverage as a startup. It’s a trusted resource in software and tech circles. The advantages of being listed include visibility for your product as well as a great place to attract investors. Because the platform has a powerful editorial arm, you can also leverage that by creating content to boost your brand awareness and educate users about your product.

13. KillerStartups

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 74

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 5.2k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory KillerStartups

With success stories like that of Tinder, Uber, Plum, Wego, and others, KilerStartups is another business directory designed for SaaS startups. Listing your startup is super easy, and visibility can be enhanced by creating SaaS content you can publish on the platform. With over 125,000 monthly views from a niche audience, KillerStartups is definitely a goldmine waiting to be tapped.

14. AppSumo

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 81

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 252k

Listing: Free and paid

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory AppSumo

With over 1 million users, Appsumo is one of the largest SaaS directories to help you gain traction as a startup. The platform provides daily deals on digital products and online services. Appsumo is selective on the products they list, so when you succeed in getting listed, users immediately know your product is worth considering. Also, since users can leave reviews, winning user trust becomes easier if you encourage your customers to leave a review there.

15. Clutch

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 88

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 1.3M

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Clutch

Clutch is another fan-favorite SaaS business directory, boasting over 1 million users. One twist you’ll find with this platform is that it focuses more on B2B services than products. The platform has been the go-to resource in the B2B space for connecting SMEs and enterprise businesses with the right service provider. The platform evaluates brands based on the quality of work, industry experience, and client reviews, among other factors. 

16. Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) 

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 98

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 136k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory Google Business Profile

Particularly if you’re in a location-based vertical, you need to list your business on Google Business Profile. Having your location show up is a great way to earn your customers’ trust. Couple that with the reviews that customers can leave on your profile and the popularity of the platform, and this is one business directory that can help you drive quality inbound leads.

17. LinkedIn

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 98

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 33.2k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform. You can also list your brand on the platform by creating company pages. Because most B2B buyers have active profiles on LinkedIn, it becomes easier for them to find your brand if you’re listed there. The platform also provides several tools to help you run effective LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

18. GoodFirms

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 83

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 249k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory GoodFirms

Goodfirms is a SaaS directory built to help brands drive reviews from real users. The platform operates on a reviews and ratings basis, making it easier for B2B buyers to compare between products. With over 110,000 brands listed on the platform, it’s certainly a growing community you’d benefit from being a part of as a software or service provider.

19. SoftwareWorld

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 74

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 25k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory SoftwareWorld

SoftwareWorld is a top software reviews and rating platform used by many B2B buyers in researching products. Getting listed is easy, and you can also get featured in their press releases, giving your brand more exposure. You can also publish guest posts on the site, earning you a backlink, helping drive traffic, and boosting brand awareness.

20. SaaSHub

Ahrefs Domain Rating: 64

Ahrefs Monthly Traffic Estimation: 507k

Listing: Free

A screenshot of the SaaS Directory SaaSHub

SaaShub is a fast-growing community of software vendors and people who love and use SaaS products. The platform helps SaaS brands build a more robust online presence through their business listings. Products are upvoted or downvoted by users, with the products with most upvotes in the category ranking higher.

SaaS Business Directories — Fueling Your Growth

SaaS directories aren’t given the value they deserve. Most SaaS brands only look at them as a minor element in their lead generation strategy. But any good growth marketing strategy closely examines SaaS directories.

So, make sure to get yourself listed on as many as you can — provided they’re relevant, of course.

However, when traffic starts coming in from these business directories you must ensure your website is designed to convert. This requires that you implement the best SaaS SEO strategies. And that’s where service providers like RevenueZen come into play. We’ve helped many SaaS brands like yours executive impactful campaigns on different channels, helping them build sustainable business.

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