Growth marketing is a powerful marketing technique that turns traditional marketing on its head, and for the better. Growth marketing is laser-focused on driving real and sustainable growth in your business, using data and analytics from your current marketing strategies to continuously improve efforts. It takes an experimental-like approach to marketing, where marketing ideas are tested and improved time and time again, so they can fuel the kind of business growth you dream about.

As you can imagine, this type of marketing has the potential to be incredibly valuable, but it’s not going to happen on its own. And while you can make an effort to tackle growth marketing in-house, you can also team up with a trusted growth marketing partner, in order to increase your results (and achieve them quicker than you would on your own).

If you’re looking to embrace the power of growth marketing, here’s everything you need to know about it, along with our hand-curated list of the best growth marketing agencies in the industry right now.

Benefits of Hiring a Growth Marketing Agency

If you’re interested in using your marketing budget and efforts to actually drive real changes in your business, then growth marketing is what you’re looking for. But why do you need to hire a growth marketing agency in the first place? 

Trust us, when it comes to your growth marketing efforts, it’s not a place you want to cut corners.  Sure, you can outsource, hire freelancers, or load up your in-house team with a trial-by-fire effort, but you’re not going to get the tangible and sustainable results that you want. 

You might have an incredible product or service, and your team might be the best in the biz. But today’s business landscape is far too cutthroat and competitive to leave the success of your enterprise up to chance. World-class growth marketing is essential for successful businesses today, and unfortunately, entry-level employees and cheap gig hires aren’t going to have the technical expertise or advanced knowledge to actually execute it.

That’s why you need a growth marketing agency on your side. Some of the most notable benefits of working with a growth marketing agency include:

Benefit #1 – They actually understand growth marketing, and flawlessly execute it

Growth marketing isn’t like other types of marketing, plain and simple. In order to have marketing efforts which directly correlate to IRL business growth, you need a trusted partner which actually knows how to make that happen. The hallmarks of growth marketing include data-backed decisions, thorough analysis on marketing efforts, and flexibility. Growth marketing also requires input from others in your org aside from marketing (such as the product development team) and the rigorous testing of marketing ideas. 

Benefit #2 – You’ll experience results as quickly as possible

Growth marketing agencies know exactly what they need to do to deliver results as quickly as possible. Instead of wasting valuable time while your competitors pick up steam, growth marketing agencies will quickly deliver tailored campaigns, and execute them exhaustively, so you can make waves in your industry. 

Benefit #3 – You’ll see continuous improvements through experimentation

Growth marketing agencies know the power of experimentation. By testing different marketing strategies, analyzing their results, and improving upon them, you’ll see continuous movement. That means more ROI on your marketing investments.

Benefit #4 – Your efforts will be fueled by a deep understanding of all foundational marketing practices

Growth marketing agencies aren’t only pros in growth marketing. Their expertise is fueled by a baseline understanding of all marketing practices, and their skills include things like technical SEO strategies, content marketing, and just about anything that comes with organic-sourced revenue. Growth marketers know that most searchers never go past the first page of a search engine, and they know all of the industry practices to help you break through the noise in a strategic, deeply valuable way. 

Benefit #5 – Growth marketing efforts grow with your business

Just like growth marketing practices are flexible, so are its goals. The goals of traditional marketing have often been to raise brand awareness, but growth marketing is different. It’s experimental, flexible, and results-driven, and adapts with you and your business to continuously meet and exceed your current business goals.

Benefit #6 – Growth marketers are ahead of the curve 

Growth marketing is giving traditional marketing a run for its money, and those who are embracing it are already ahead of the curve. This means you can trust that your growth marketing partner is forward-thinking, and embracing the latest marketing trends, practices, and tech, to streamline processes and scale their own efforts. That means a seamless, advanced experience for you.

What Falls Under a Growth Marketing Agencies Services?

Before we walk through our selects of the best growth marketing agencies out there today, let’s touch on what exactly you can expect them to do. Here are just some of the services and features that are typical of growth marketing agencies:

  1. You can expect them to test marketing efforts

Your growth marketing partner is going to come up with some great ideas. But that’s not all they’re going to do. Once marketing plans are developed, they’ll actually be tested IRL. These tests might include A/B testing, channel experimentation, or testing when it comes to keywords, messaging, designs, and strategies. 

Why does this matter? Today’s marketing efforts are trying to survive in tumultuous conditions. Changing markets, U-turning consumer interests, and dynamic digital marketing platforms are just a few of the elements that can influence how a marketing effort performs. Even the best-laid plans can fail fabulously in an instant if just one small element is off. But when ideas are tested, you have an excellent idea of what works well, what falls flat, and what can lead to your most-desirable results. 

Basically: it’s never a “one and done” with your growth marketing partner.

  1. They’ll use data and analytics to shape their strategy

Growth marketers know that data drives marketing success, and that it’s crucial to stand out in the global $602 billion digital advertising industry. Growth marketers use this data to remove guesswork from the marketing equation. They’ll rely heavily on data and analytics to monitor the performance of marketing efforts, identify smart opportunities, and make informed decisions about what works and what doesn’t. 

This means you can expect your growth marketing agency to track KPIs of marketing efforts, along with other metrics and measurements. They’ll also provide regular reports, will share key insights, and make pointed recommendations to keep you in control of your business’ growth process. 

  1. It’s never just a singular effort

Growth marketers aren’t just in it for one campaign, or one keyword. That’s because growth marketing is a long term strategy that builds upon itself. Because of that, you can expect your growth marketing partner to continuously come up with new ideas, and to continuously execute strategies. 

This sort of long-term relationship allows your growth marketing partner to really dive into your company, and get to know it on an in-house level. They won’t be strangers, and they’ll be dedicated to improving your results, month over month. 

  1. They’ll create and execute your marketing strategy

Just to cover our bases: of course, you can expect your growth marketing partner to come up with and execute your world-class marketing strategy. As we’ve touched on, this strategy will cover tried-and-true marketing staples and practices. 

For example, your growth marketing partner will likely first conceptualize your marketing strategy based on your business’ specific needs and goals, and will then follow through by executing it. You can expect common services such as intent-based keyword research, competitive gap analysis, goal-oriented SEO audits, on-page SEO, content creation for every stage of the customer journey, and link building to scale domain authority. 

The Top 11 Growth Marketing Agencies Right Now

You know what to look for, and why growth marketing (really) matters. Now, here’s our list of the top growth marketing agencies who are in the game right now, that you should consider partnering with. 

  1. RevenueZen
  2. Skale
  3. NoGood
  4. Ladder
  5. Growth Media
  6. Relevance
  8. Tuff
  9. Growth Shop
  10. OrangePegs
  11. Ember Tribe
  1. RevenueZen

Allow us to introduce ourselves: hi, we’re RevenueZen, and we’re an experienced growth marketing agency dedicated to helping ambitious B2B businesses break their own records for organic-sourced revenue. We have to start off with ourselves, because we deeply believe in the quality of our own marketing efforts (and our hard-earned results drive the point home).

Sure, our marketing gurus produce incredible results. But we also put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we use our growth marketing techniques on ourselves, and now rank in the top 10 for hard-earned terms that bring business to our own agency. These terms we rank for include:

  • “B2B inbound marketing”
  • “SaaS technical SEO”
  • “B2B SEO services”
  • “B2B SEO agency”
  • “How to post on LinkedIn”
  • “B2B SEO agencies”
  • “SaaS website best practices” 

Why does this matter? As a growth marketing agency, we need to grow these terms for ourselves, and due to their competitive nature, they’re pretty tough to rank for. Yes, we put our own growth marketing efforts to the test, to drive our own results. That’s how we know they really work.

Some of our specialty services include B2B SEO, LinkedIn marketing, content marketing, and B2B messaging.

Now that you know a bit about us, we’re gonna list some of our other choices for the best growth marketing agencies, and you might be wondering why. We genuinely believe in working with client companies who we’re a good fit for. That’s why we’re not worried about linking to other growth marketing agencies: “may the best win” is one of our core values, and we stand behind it.”

  1. Skale

Skale claims to help you turn your SEO channels into a “growth machine,” and says that it builds “SEO revenue engines for SaaS brands.  Their services to scale with SEO include link building, SEO consultancy, and SEO management. They say they prioritize driving business KPIs, and that they provide clients with in-depth monthly reporting. 

  1. NoGood

In its own words, NoGood is not a traditional marketing agency, and instead, they help brands build sustainable growth. They work with businesses from startups to enterprise operations, and use growth marketing tactics (like experimentation and data) to help businesses grow quickly. 

  1. Ladder

Ladder is a growth marketing agency which says they’ll help you “grow your business  through data-driven creative” One of their core tenants is adaptability, and ladder says they “power full-funnel strategy and performance solutions for global brands.” Ladder focuses on elements like retention, conversion, traffic, and engagement, and emphasizes “adaptive growth,” where they test and scale their strategies. 

  1. Growth Media

This Canadian performance marketing agency says they specialize in growth, and that their actions drive revenue. They work by “integrating your sales, marketing and product data” to identify your biggest opportunities, get more traffic, increase conversions, and ultimately win more customers. 

  1. Relevance

Relevance is a self-identified growth marketing agency “that helps companies build relevance and own their industry.” Whether you’re looking to build credibility, authority, or visibility, they can likely help. Their growth marketing process includes a content strategy, digital PR, and SEO strategy. 


Swidia is a startup-centric company that’s all about growth. They say they’ll “accelerate the path to 10x for your startup,” and that they’ll “launch specialized growth marketing campaigns designed to help you reach CAC:LTV goals.” Their process focuses on strategy, acquisition, retention, and creatives, and they offer ad hoc services in things like landing pages.

  1. Tuff

Tuff specializes in growth marketing processes and people, and says they use “a proven growth methodology and whip-smart executors.” Touting their experience, Tuff says that growth is a process, and not an outcome. They build “custom teams” that are specific to each business, and which acts as an in-house marketing team.

  1. Growth Shop

Growth Shop claims to be the key to ecommerce growth, saying they “10x direct to consumer brands that are currently turning over $5M-$30M annually.” They use a combination of growth marketing techniques, paid marketing, and data science, to help businesses “make decisions in minutes not months.”

  1. OrangePegs

With an emphasis on growth hacking for your business, OrangePegs says that it uses “a structured experimentation cycle that puts Agile philosophy in the driver’s seat.” A few of their specialties include sales enablement, growth strategy, growth infrastructure, and inbound lead generation.

  1. EmberTribe

If you want to “grow faster & smarter,” EmberTribe says they’re the ones to do it. They claim to “accelerate growth in an everlasting way through strategic testing, SEO tactics, paid multi-channel strategies and with the experience acquired of managing hundreds of successful brands.” They focus on “sustainable growth for emerging brands.”

Working with a growth marketing agency can take your organization into the stratosphere.

Not to make assumptions here, but we know you want to grow. Growth is in your nature, that’s exactly why you’re here. Well, we have good news for you: growth is our specialty.

We’re RevenueZen, and we’re a growth marketing agency that specializes in helping B2B brands like yours reach new heights when it comes to organic-sourced revenue. Our efforts are proven, sustainable, and drive real business growth. Our B2B services include search engine optimization (SEO), LinkedIn marketing, engaging content marketing, and B2B messaging. 

Interested in partnering with RevenueZen to achieve your ultimate growth dreams? Let’s talk.