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Your website should be your best salesperson. If it’s not generating any inbound demand or any leads each month then there’s a serious problem. Learn what key opportunities your business is missing out on with a customized inbound marketing strategy roadmap.

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Our Focus? Inbound Strategies That Bring The Leads To You

Gone are the days of disruptive marketing. Your customers, both existing and prospective, demand relevant content that addresses their needs.

Utilizing extensive research and proven, data-driven techniques, we develop and implement a comprehensive plan of attack centered around a mix of content that’s devoted toward brand authority, buyer intent, and search engine friendliness.

From concept to completion, we handle everything with a thoughtful, tailor-made approach, including:

and everything in between.

Our inbound marketing services will help you attract qualified prospects and build long-term brand credibility, establishing your company as the company to do business with.

Stop fishing for leads. Make the leads come to you.

When Should You Use Inbound Marketing Services?

  • You want to spend less time prospecting and more time closing.
  • You want to establish your brand as the leading authority in your field, but you don’t have the time to hire an in-house team of marketers.
  • You have a small team who knows how to speak your buyer’s language, and they’re hungry for more qualified leads.
  • You are more interested in securing a consistent stream of leads than you are in a one-time rush.
  • You have a large market of potential prospective contacts but don’t know the most effective way to engage them.
  • You want to augment your revenue team with inbound marketing in addition to outbound sales.
  • You understand the long-term value of inbound, you have all the tools and knowledge, but you have zero time to launch and maintain a successful campaign right now.

“You’ve invested so much in helping me think through my strategy, that I decided my best move was to throw a giant bag of money at you and say, “Make it great, I trust you”

Eric Fogg

Do These Sound Familiar?

Most companies already have some inbound initiatives in play, but few understand how to optimize their approach. Do any of these remind you of your situation?

If you have a blog that updates once a month, but you’re not seeing the engagement you want…

Before we reinvent the wheel, we’ll take a deep dive into your website analytics and buyer persona, diagnose the areas of greatest need, and prescribe solutions needed to run a successful inbound campaign. We’ll also thoroughly crawl your site to identify and address any issues, such as missing descriptions and tags, that might be hurting your overall performance.

If your website the “go-to” authority but you have a few unique resources (ebooks, white papers, blog posts, etc.) that see steady amounts of traffic…

As we refine your content strategy and onboard writers knowledgeable in your vertical, we will analyze and develop documentation that addresses why these pages perform well, where the traffic is coming from, and how we can optimize future content with this existing reach in mind. We’ll also develop a comprehensive set of editorial guidelines that can be circulated internally as a one-stop tool for addressing all aspects of your customer-facing process.

If you already have an effective content offering with great messaging and decent conversion rates, but traffic is low…

You’re already ahead of the game! We’ll look at ways to maximize your reach, starting with the social media channels your ideal buyer is most likely to use. In addition to maximizing organic reach, we’ll also research advertising opportunities and build a paid reach proposal based on your most-valuable keywords. Should you decide to go for paid clicks, we can either help you implement it or have one of our experts take it off your plate entirely.

Who Is This Ideally For?

Examples of good fits for inbound marketing services

  • 15-person Enterprise SaaS company with average ARR of $60k/yr, 18 current happy clients, VPs of Sales are the target buyer.
  • 12-person software development agency handling large development projects ($50 – 200k per project) and $2-5k/mo services retainers.
  • 25-person Midmarket SaaS company with average ARR of $10k/yr, 150 clients, wanting to 1) up their game when it comes to customer-facing content, and 2) optimize their existing content for higher conversion.
  • 40-person service company looking to hire their own in-house Head of Marketing to oversee their content specialist and social media manager, with a contract size in the high six figures — but they’ve never hired a high-level marketing role before and aren’t sure what they need!

Who should NOT use our service

RevenueZen delivers results specifically because we only engage with clients who are a good fit for us. Here are a few examples of companies who are most likely not a good fit for our inbound marketing services.

  • Companies who are still trying to get their first customer (we know people who can help with this so contact us).
  • Companies who just want to post on their blog “every once in awhile”. We run campaigns designed to get results and that means having a plan for ongoing, regular content, according to schedule, not feel.
  • Companies who cannot wait at least 3 months for noticeable results to take hold. Content is a marathon, not a sprint. A good, high-ROI content program takes time to implement effectively. Impatience is one of the biggest downfalls of a good marketing program. If you need results ASAP and don’t have time to implement a long-term content strategy, try a lower ROI but much faster strategy like PPC advertising or Outbound Sales.


What are examples of inbound marketing?

Blog posts, white papers, free tools, guides, downloads, videos, infographics, and even solutions pages for your products can be considered examples of inbound marketing. 

How do you do inbound marketing?

You “do” inbound marketing by figuring out who your target audience is, learning about their needs, creating content assets for them to consume at every stage of their buying decision making journey, and giving them an enticing and mutually beneficial way to get in touch with you when they are ready.

How do you measure inbound marketing success? 

The success of any inbound marketing campaign depends on the goals that you have set for it. It’s important to define KPI objectives prior to the campaign starting. That being said, it can be measured by new website users, demos booked, contact form submissions, sales rep phone calls, MQLs generated, and more. The limits are typically in your definition of success being realistic and having the correct tracking in place from the beginning. 

What are the four stages of inbound marketing? 

Attract, Engage, Close, and Delight.

Inbound Marketing Resources To Help You Grow

Inbound Marketing Resources To Help You Grow

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