Most entrepreneurs in the SaaS industry believe that the marketing strategy is similar to that of typical corporate B2B companies. But dreadful industry trade magazines, boring websites, trade shows, and stiff suits have no place in the dynamic SaaS sector. Instead, the marketing strategy here is similar to that of B2C companies: customer-focused, engaging, and data-driven.

Marketing SaaS solutions also differs from marketing consumer goods since it requires unique pricing structures. In this case, your ROI is tied to client retention instead of acquisition. When considering the overall advertising, training, onboarding, and support expenses, you’ll realize that you’d rather sell 250 annual plans than 1000 quarterly plans.

The success of your SaaS company depends on how much clients use your product, and not whether they buy it or not. So marketing teams must adopt niche tactics to ensure they appeal to their current customers and prospects. All these should focus on making your service sell itself, while growing your business reputation.

So how do you deploy a practical SaaS marketing plan for your business? Let us explore.

The Initial Steps of an Effective SaaS Marketing Strategy

The exact SaaS marketing success formula is unique to each company. However, several key concepts can help you achieve a successful marketing approach. They include:

Develop Your Buyer Persona

While there isn’t any standard way of getting it right with your SaaS marketing, almost every strategy begins with understanding the buyer. Coming up with a solution and hoping that it’ll appeal to new clients doesn’t make sense: you must study the problem before you build a product to solve it.

Through direct consultations with your clients about their troubles, you’ll earn the authority to say “we understand what you are going through, and we have a painless, effective way of solving it.” When you develop your buyer persona, you’ll know more about your buyer through structured, data-driven strategies. This will help you to:

  • Comprehend the problem at hand and the best approach to solving it
  • Understand the nature of the competition that you must outshine
  • Establish an ideal SaaS pricing strategy

Leverage Co-Marketing

This approach means you’ll team up with another company and come up with collaborative marketing strategies from pooled resources. Placing resources in a shared pool is not only easier but is cost-effective as well. You’ll easily come up with a massive campaign, and you can reach a greater audience and share the generated leads.

To achieve an effective co-marketing strategy, both agencies must target the same audience. It would help if you also offered non-competitive solutions.

Establish an SEO Strategy

If you don’t fancy the idea of SEO for your SaaS company, it’s time you change your perception. SaaS SEO marketing differs from B2C because the target audience is narrower and more specialized. The group comprises buyers and business owners that are generally informed than those that their B2C counterparts serve.

The prospects are beyond half the buyer’s journey, but this doesn’t mean they cannot respond when you offer engaging content. Content that is optimized for search engines is more effective than outbound marketing approaches like cold mailing and trade shows. So how do you find what your customers are looking for? The best way is to map all keywords that lead to the buyers’ journey then come up with informative content based on these search terms.

You can leverage several keyword tools like:

Create Content for Diverse Audiences

SaaS content marketing is also an excellent channel that you can use to spread brand awareness. The content in your blog section should not be about marketing. Instead, it would help if you also offered informative pieces on your specific niche and content that solves societal problems. Since you’ll already have segregated your client base and understand the needs of the different customer groups, it will be easier to come up with content for different types of buyers.

Besides writing your content, also seek guest posting opportunities on online publications and relevant blogs. What’s more, you may also negotiate with selected industry associates for backlink exchange and to grow your referral traffic. With an effective SaaS marketing strategy for content, you will transform your customer perception about your brand and ensure the marketing department has the right conversations at the appropriate time.

Offering Free Versions

This is another straightforward, yet among the most underrated methods of ramping up your marketing strategies to attract more prospects. When you offer your clients a free version, you’ll show your prospective clients the value that they’ll get by choosing your product. They can help alleviate all doubts, and your user can make an informed resolution.  

Also, most SaaS providers offer free trials, so a potential buyer will come to you expecting one. If you don’t provide a trial version, they might easily overlook your brand. Test drives also help you gather valuable data for revising the customer journey and enhancing the client experience. Finally, they can help grow customer loyalty.

Revisit The Approaches as You Grow

Contrary to what most people believe, SaaS marketing is not a one-time operation, but a long-game that you must be actively involved to achieve the expected results. The plan is the blueprint for all your marketing activities regardless of the size of your advertising budget. As you continue growing your strategy, ensure you revisit the techniques and make amendments based on business dynamics and regular reviews.

Ensure you revisit our marketing plan regularly when appropriate to ensure your goals, target demographics, research, and marketing activities align with your overall company objectives. Also, if some of your approaches have their due dates, ensure you complete the campaigns and make the appropriate modifications to your overall strategy.

Key Takeaway

With the above practical tips, you will have an easier time establishing a robust ad campaign for your SaaS business. Selling new SaaS solutions isn’t easy, so there’s no better time to get cracking than now. For the best results, ensure you break down all the potential challenges into solvable problems, and you’ll be on the right track to achieve a sound marketing approach.

Still feeling stuck when finding the right approaches that are unique to your business? Are you finally getting your marketing strategy off the ground and feeling stuck? Contact us today for expert guidance.