Sales is a game of strategy and persistence.

Anyone who’s had any experience in sales knows this to be a universal truth. Sometimes things don’t go the way you had anticipated. Sometimes you win. But apart from those absolutes, you have control over your attitude towards the outcome.

A smart business person who was once my mentor told me that I had to learn how to “minimize my down time” when things seemed like they were falling apart. I’d beat myself up – trying to break down and over analyze what I did wrong. He’d assure me I did nothing wrong. I just needed to take it as a learning experience and understand that although the circumstance didn’t yield me immediate positive results, I’m still one step closer to my goal.

Minimizing my downtime meant not hiding under my blanket in the darkness of my bedroom for 2 days. It meant not drowning in red wine to try and forget how much I suck as a salesperson. It meant allowing myself to view the situation as an opportunity to grow, not a setback.

When you reach this state of self-awareness and personal development, you can better manage your mentality when things don’t go the way you had planned or hoped. The more control you have over your thoughts, the easier it becomes to bounce back full force, stay positive, and remain genuine.

As mentioned in How to Adopt a Sales Mindset, success is 90% mental. Flooding your mind with negativity and self-destructive thoughts is not indicative of how a successful person operates. If you’re not there yet, have no fear! Here’s a few ways to help you turn stinkin’ thinkin’ into a millionaire mindset.

Find Someone Successful Who You Respect & Model Their Behavior

Yes friends – faking it ‘til you make it is definitely a thing in sales. Also, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you find a great sales leader, ask them to be your mentor. Buy them a coffee and explain your reasoning for wanting to fix your mindset to be more like theirs.

Practice Affirmations Daily

Words are powerful. We all know words can hurt. But they can also build. Be kind to yourself and do it often. Recite affirmations to yourself every morning that encourage and empower you to approach your day with confidence. We beat ourselves up more than we should. Instead, remind yourself how awesome you are.

Be a Forever Student

The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop growing. Sure, there are sales techniques that are tried and true. But doesn’t mean trying something new won’t work. Be adventurous, step out of your comfort zone and above all, be coachable. If in your mind, you’ve learned everything you need to know, you’re forcing your mind to remain stagnant and as a result, so will your sales.

RevenueZen leadership has shown me time and time again that although they are some of the smartest, most successful business people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, they couldn’t be more open to feedback on how they’re doing. I’ve also never heard my team demonstrate a negative outlook about anything. Not even during less than favorable situations.

Observing how the company’s values are consistently showcased in a very organic way fuels me to be better every day. A positive mindset paired with an inspired environment should do just that.