Overview: Once you’ve decided on a LinkedIn strategy, who should actually own day-to-day execution? Should you hire a LinkedIn marketing agency, or do it all yourself? We walk you through the pros and cons of both approaches.

In our last post, we covered three main types of LinkedIn marketing strategies you can pursue on LinkedIn: traditional paid advertising, organic content marketing, and outbound prospecting.

Now, let’s talk about actually executing those strategies. What should you do yourself and when should you get help? When do you bring in an agency to assist?

Here are the pros and cons of handling each strategy yourself vs. using a LinkedIn marketing agency.

Should we handle this LinkedIn strategy ourselves, or hire help?

LinkedIn Advertising

  • Build In-House: If you’re already managing Paid Search/Social yourself, you owe it to yourself to start experimenting with LinkedIn. Getting strategic training from a consultant may help, but build the capacity in-house!
  • Hire an Agency: If it’s your first time doing this, or if you aren’t managing your own advertising at the moment, ask yourself whether it’s a core competency you really want to work on building. It may not be! And if it isn’t, it’s relatively easy to outsource this function, because the chances of your existing agency also being able to handle LinkedIn are relatively high.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

  • Build In-House: Some people are naturals at writing non-promotional, engaging social media content for their personal brand. If you have that skillset in-house, that’s better than outsourcing it! You know yourself better than anyone else can. Also, there are precious few agencies that really know how to succeed on LinkedIn for themselves, let alone for their clients. It’s a nascent strategy, and thus is a rare talent for an agency to have. Take a look at these example LinkedIn posts to get a feel for what kind of content you need to write.
  • Hire an Agency: It can be hard to continually generate good ideas when you’re in your own echo chamber without third-party input. Next, an agency may simply know strategies and have creative processes that you don’t know about, or that you don’t have time to adhere to because you’re focused elsewhere. Third parties can not only hold everyone accountable for adherence to a strategy, and handle the heavy creative lifting involved, but also provide new ideas you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

LinkedIn Prospecting

  • Build In-House: As with content marketing, you’re going to do a great job identifying your own target accounts/ideal-fit prospects, and there’s nobody better than you at establishing a personal connection with someone else, because nobody else has complete access to your personality and history. Also, there aren’t many agencies that do well at LinkedIn prospecting, though there are a multitude that claim to offer it. You’re going to have to do a lot of vetting, or get a referral!
  • Hire an Agency: The toughest thing about doing all of your LinkedIn prospecting yourself is: time! As with a lot of “shiny object” initiatives, they work well only if you dedicate time and energy to them. By communicating enough of your personal brand and goals to an agency that knows LinkedIn prospecting back to front, you can hold another party accountable to the activity levels required to see success with prospecting.


If you do decide to engage an agency for some or all of this, make sure there’s room to flex back and forth on who handles what.

As an agency that manages many LinkedIn marketing initiatives for growing B2B companies, we see that 5-15 percent of our clients realize a few months into working with us that they are completely comfortable, capable, and excited to handle one of the above programs themselves, in-house. Other clients think they can do it themselves but then realize after a few months that they can’t (or just don’t have time).

There are pros and cons to both approaches. The key is to make sure you actually take action on your strategy. LinkedIn is too big of an opportunity for B2B marketers to ignore (or do poorly).

If you want to chat with us about where to start with your LinkedIn marketing strategy, get in touch. We get around 30% of our new business through LinkedIn and we’ve built custom LinkedIn strategies for dozens of B2B companies.