What It’s Like Working With RevenueZen

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect while
working with RevenueZen.

What Our Workflows (Might) Look Like With You

We’ve been called: responsive, adaptable, data-driven, and overall, an invigorating group of people.
As a team, we collaborate with each other and our clients, to ensure we’re adjusting to trends
in the industries we serve, and to the ethos of marketing.



No two client ecosystems are the same. When it comes to building a sustainable inbound-lead generating machine, this is how we start:

First 48 Hours
  • Thorough SEO audit of your website. This includes crawling every page of your site, ensuring there’s appropriate metadata, URLs, titles, headers, and more.
  • Build a keyword portfolio for you and assessing your competitors, so we know how to a) optimize the site and b) create content people are searching for.
Next 48 Hours
  • Design a content calendar using target keywords. The content calendar is designed for buyers (and customers,) at various stages of the sales cycle. We ask that content calendars are approved within 48 hours so writers can begin working on pitches. This is also a great time for you to let us know any company specific points you want our writers to make.
  • Begin to implement any site health fixes needed. In some cases, we’ll work with your website developers to ensure deep health fixes can be made.
  • We’ll send you content in batches before we publish, and typically seek feedback on tone and content, vs. language. We know it can be difficult to let other people write for you, but stepping back and accepting “this is solid, even if it’s not how I would have written it word-for-word” is critical for us to scale and be successful in getting content out at a steady cadence. We’re here to amplify your brand.
  • Monthly inbound reporting calls to ensure you understand where the needle is moving. With SEO, we’re primarily looking for increases in keyword rankings, website traffic from Organic and Direct sources, and then increases in lead flow and pipeline from your blog.
3-6 Months Out
  • Depending on your industry, competition, and other ranking factors, it typically takes anywhere from 3-6 months to start ranking in search engines for a selected set of strategic keywords. Meaningful increases in pipeline from SEO are measured over multiple quarters, not weeks.
6 Months Out and More
  • Once we built a robust baseline of content, it’s time to consider a more thorough content calendar. Depending on your industry, we may want to scale back on quantity of content to increase the depth of posts. Meaning, what once would have been a 1000 word post 4 times a month, may become 2, 2000 word posts that cover deeper content.
  • We’ll begin talking through co-branded content, case study pages, cornerstone pieces, podcasts, and more!

LinkedIn Ghostwriting


Our LinkedIn content writing is intended to get your voice out to your network and help position you as a thought leader in your field. We encourage you to be open and candid! We want to capture your authentic voice, so no need to try to edit yourself.

First 48 Hours:
  • We’ll ask you to fill out a buyer profile so we know who your target audience is, what your personal tone is, and any other details that will help us create content for you.
  • We’ll reach out to set up our monthly content sync.
  • We strongly suggest starting with a weekly posting cadence, meaning we’ll aim for at least 4 themes.
  • Our goal is to tell compelling stories and how your product/service has transformed peoples’ lives and workflows. Being able to connect your product/service to the audience in an emotional way is a huge win.
  • If something comes up that is timely, don’t be afraid to reach out if you’d like a post written. We can usually accommodate a quick turnaround.
  • Don’t just tell us positive things! Good stories show growth, and everyone loves to root for the underdog.
  • After content is written, it goes through an internal editing process before it’s shipped to you. We asked that once content is shipped to you, you scan and approve (or request minor edits) within 48 hours.
  • Content syncs occur once a month and are typically 45-minutes. On these calls, we’ll discuss a number of topics, but you’re always encouraged to come to the table with things you’d like to talk about.
  • During the first month, we ask you be heavy handed on the edits to ensure we’re capturing your tone. After month one, we typically just need sign-off on posts, requiring no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Lead Generation


Our lead-gen campaigns are designed to drive qualified leads to your inbox that will lead to meetings and pipeline. To do so, it’s vital we get the required information from you to start building lead lists and sales copy designed to resonate. Here’s what to expect in the first weeks:

First 24 Hours
  • Your Campaign Manager (CM) will send you a buyer profile questionnaire to fill out. The information you provide in this document will act as a crash course on your ideal client profile, and will help us not only create our initial lead lists, but the sales copy as well. Please put as much detail into this document as possible.
First 72 Hours
  • We will set up an onboarding call to review the buyer profile doc, ask questions, and pick your brain on various tidbits of information, including company tone and branding language.
  • 2-3 business days after the onboarding call, your CM will have an initial lead list for you to review.
First Week
  • Upon your approval of the initial lead list we will begin writing copy that is specific to that persona. This step typically takes 2-3 business days. The goal is for us to not need lead list approval every single time, just the first few as we hone in persona.
  • Then, we’ll begin contacting prospects on your behalf, with the goal of getting them interested in hearing more about how you can help them.


After the initial onboarding, expect:

  • Daily updates in terms of who has replied and needs to be followed up with.
  • Daily updates to the lead tracking sheet to track conversations and conversions which will be pinned to the shared slack channel.
  • Bi-Weekly meetings to review the lead tracking document and make plans to update copy or persona target as needed.
  • Ad-hoc meetings as needed to address campaign performance.
  • Creation and upkeep of a sales playbook to track the evolution of the copy we use as well as all of the lead lists.



Our team has run inbound marketing strategies for large enterprises, early-stage tech companies, small businesses, and every kind of company in between. If your company wants more leads and revenue from marketing, talk to us – that’s our specialty.


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