Our Award Winning Process

We’ve been called: responsive, adaptable, data-driven, and overall, an invigorating group of people.

As a team, we collaborate with each other and our clients, to ensure we’re adjusting to trends in the industries we serve, and to the ethos of marketing.


SEO & Content Marketing

While many client ecosystems have similarities, no two are exactly the same. When it comes to building a sustainable inbound-lead generating machine, this is our system for doing great work. The following process takes between 30-60 days:

First Week – Onboarding

This is all about getting to know every aspect of your company, business model, goals, and previous work. We will:

  • Send you a detailed intake form. Our discovery process is critical to learning about your target customer, product feature set, preferred content style, business model, and much more.
  • Receive access to your analytics stack and website. We ask for this information to ensure that the data we’re collecting is correct and allows us to measure performance and pipeline impact.
  • Get a kickoff call on the books. This call is more than just a meet and greet (although we are excited to chat as a team for the first time), it’s the first time we can talk through your vision and our plans for the campaign. Our alignment here is crucial to hitting the ground running.
  • Begin our research. From the moment we sign our agreement, our team gets together for an internal strategy and knowledge sharing call to start the research process which will flow into our eventual strategy recommendations.

Phase 1 – Research & Analysis

After you’ve completed your onboarding documents and a joint kickoff call with us, we get to work on the agreed upon research and analysis focused deliverables that ultimately determine implementation recommendations we make.

Since this is based on your unique website maturity, budget, desired pace of growth, and stage of business growth, this could be any combination of:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Gap Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Analytics & Attribution Audit
  • Backlink Opportunity Analysis
  • Brand Messaging Development
  • Technical Seo Audit
  • Website Navigation Structure Optimization

We will present our research and recommendations to your team on a joint strategy call, and then together with insights from you, determine the most effective path forward based on our findings.

Phase 2 – Foundational Implementation Work

Our mission is to remove as much friction from gap identification to the implementation process and time to value as possible. With this in mind, we strive to have our strategists implement our recommended deliverables whenever we can.

These deliverables will typically map to the research from Phase 1, and after we get your approval of our recommendations, we will implement some combination of the following:

  • Analytics Set Up & Dashboard Production
  • On-Page SEO Optimizations
  • Solutions Page Development
  • Website Navigation & Url Structure Optimization
  • Technical SEO Implementations
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Internal Linking

Apart from those, there are a few things that we don’t handle in house that might be recommended to you to maximize your success, but either way, we will work through every implementation with you until it’s done, and then follow up to ensure the task was completed or optimized correctly.

Phase 3 – Growth and Iteration

This is where we continue to march down our strategic path over time, and execute a campaign designed to increase your traffic and lead flow. We’ll create new resources and landing pages, build quality backlinks to your key pages, continually optimize your reporting package, and keep your site’s health in good shape.

Effective inbound demand generation requires dedicated and focused effort over time. So each month, you can expect the following from us:

  • Progress Reports. We encourage you to ask questions, discuss future strategy considerations, and review performance with your dedicated strategist.
  • Production. The key to feeding the Google machine and your users is to consistently produce quality content over time. So each month, we will produce the new content assets for your business, including staging and publishing your new content on your CMS (such as WordPress or Webflow).
  • Strategy. Every quarter, we’ll refresh the editorial and campaign strategy that guides our work. SEO performance is measured not in weeks or months, but in quarters – at the same time, we understand that you will sometimes need to change your targeting as your product evolves.

3-6 Months Out

  • Depending on your industry, competition, and other ranking factors, it typically takes anywhere from 3-6 months to start ranking in search engines for a selected set of strategic keywords. Again: meaningful increases in pipeline and revenue from SEO are measured over multiple quarters, not weeks.

6 Months Out and More

Once we’ve built a robust baseline of content, it’s time to consider a more thorough campaign structure. Depending on your industry and existing campaign performance, we may want to explore:

  • Development of more middle or lower funnel assets like whitepapers, checklists, or in-depth guides.
  • Increasing the quantity of links being built to your domain to be able to compete with bigger players in your industry.
  • Expanding your content strategy to other non-website channels like LinkedIn, or even helping you start a podcast.

The goal here is to start to improve the quality of your pipeline and ensure that the traffic and conversions you’re getting are mapping well to business metrics.

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

People buy from people, at the end of the day – and the voices of your leadership team are those your customers most want to hear from. Our LinkedIn ghostwriting consulting helps galvanize your network and positions you as the thought leader in your field that your customers want to hear from. We want to help you capture your authentic voice, while also making sure your content has the intended effect of increasing interest among your customer base.

First 48 Hours:

  • We’ll ask you to complete our intake form so we know who your target audience is, how to write from your personal tone, and what kind of education your buyers need most.
  • We’ll reach out to set up our monthly content strategy call.


  • We strongly suggest starting with a weekly posting cadence, meaning we’ll aim for at least 4 post themes each month.
  • Our goal is to tell compelling stories and how your product/service has transformed peoples’ lives and workflows. Being able to connect your product/service to the audience in an emotional way is a huge win.
  • If something comes up that is timely, don’t be afraid to reach out if you’d like a post written. We can usually accommodate a quick turnaround.
  • Don’t just tell us positive things! Good stories show growth, and everyone loves to see how you overcame challenges.
  • We write and edit content drafts, and then ship them to you in Google Docs format to make revisions easy. We asked that once content is shipped to you, you scan and approve (or request minor edits) within 48 hours.


  • Content strategy calls occur once a month and are typically 45 minutes to an hour long. On these calls, we’ll discuss a number of topics, including customer stories and recent wins, but you’re always encouraged to come to the table with things you’d like to talk about.
  • During the first month, we ask you to be heavy handed on the edits to ensure we’re capturing your tone. After month one, we typically just need sign-off on posts, requiring no more than 10 minutes of your time.
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