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What Is Verbal Identity Branding?

If you want your business to stand out, verbal identity branding should be a priority. Learn what it is and how you can get started.

What Is Verbal Identity Branding?
Published: January 3, 2023 Updated: January 12, 2023

The “wordy bits” of brand identity matter.

A lot.

In its most glorious and fully realized form, a brand’s verbal identity, or verbal branding, will convey meaning; beyond mere products and services to create an emotional connection between a business and its target audiences — all while differentiating them from competitors in the marketplace. 

A well-crafted verbal identity encompasses who a company is at its core while celebrating language that delivers clarity and builds trust with customers; it’s the stuff of brand marketing dreams. 

Meanwhile, “brand identities” that sidestep the verbal half of the equation are playing a dangerous game. Relying on cornflower blue-inspired hex codes and minimalist logos to communicate everything and nothing all at once, like an obtuse modern dance performance, is likely to leave an audience bewildered and uneasy about the amount of beige they’ve just been served.

AKA – what does this company even do?

You don’t ever want a potential (or active client) to have to ask that question.

Vague and undefined terms of engagement rarely leave people inspired to spend money, so there’s serious value in it for brands to invest in figuring out who they are and how they communicate. Option one, the verbal identity that knocked it out of the park and wowed the masses, is what brands need to stand out, so here are five factors to remember when building your own shining star of a verbal identity.

1. Know Thy Audience

It’s the first rule of branding; know who you’re talking to, and if you don’t, in a big, bold voice, ask, “WHO ARE YOU, DEAR CUSTOMER?!” 

Figure out what they do, where they’re located, and what they value. Obsess over their pain points, fears, needs, and desires, and then talk about them with empathy every chance you get. 

Branding is about providing value to the customer, so don’t take another step until you know exactly who you’re engaging. 

2. Be Consistent to Avoid Looking Choppy

Nobody likes a bait and switch, and nothing messes with a customer’s trust more than being inconsistent in how you show up as a brand. Be discerning in your word choices, develop specific and unique brand guidelines to document your standards, and stick to them. 

Creating a cohesive and consistent customer experience every time you communicate with your audience ensures they never have to worry they’ve got the real you, regardless of platform or medium.

3. Introduce Yourself With Style

It’s rude to make people guess who you are, so whip up a brand story to let the audience in on your origins as a business and current market position. A narrative that captures what makes your brand unique and why customers should choose you over your competitors must be succinct but powerful enough to capture attention and inspire loyalty among potential customers. 

Voice and style are the basic building blocks of a brand’s personality, so don’t forget to bring character and quirk into play as you breathe life into your brand’s big curtain-raiser moment. 

4. Pitch Like You’re Riding a High-Speed Elevator

If you want to control your brand narrative, you need a great elevator pitch, plain and simple. It should be short and snappy enough for someone who interacts with your brand to understand exactly what you offer after hearing it once. 

An elevator pitch is designed for quick conversations, so keep it simple – no more than two sentences long – and good gravy, make sure it’s memorable. 

5. Different Wins

In the never ending battle of brand sameness, businesses spend all day jostling to claim they’re “the best” in the bunch. So, let them scrap it out. Be wild, play smart, and let everyone spin their wheels while you do something different. Doing something specific, conveying it effectively, and showing how you’re different will always be more valuable than claims of being “the best.”

Spend your time defining what makes your brand special, setting it apart from everyone else, and you’ll carve your own route to the top, earning brand recognition. 

Verbal Branding Services

A brand’s verbal identity is a powerful tool that captivates and engages customers and quickly conveys key messages. It tells the story of where your business comes from, why it exists, and what sets it apart from competitors, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right and all your own. Go forth, brands, and get yourself a big beautiful verbal identity that tells the world exactly who you are, and if you ever need a guide along the way, we’re here to help. 

RevenueZen offers verbal branding services to brands looking to better convey what they do. Interested? Let’s talk.

Ken “Magma” Marshall is the Chief Growth Officer and a Partner at RevenueZen. He’s been battling Google / obsessing over helping brands grow through sustainable SEO & content strategies for the last 7 years. Husband, coffee addict, recovering foodie, mini Australian shepherd puppy dad, and serial entrepreneur (mostly failures, lots of lessons).

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