In order to drive inbound demand and leads it’s not enough to pick a target keyword at random and put up an article on your blog. You must go beyond tactics and understand user intent, or the reason behind a user inputting a particular search query in search engines, and buyer journeys, the typical decision making stages a user goes through on their path to becoming a customer.

Once you understand how to identify search intent for your target keywords, and then map that search intent to the proper stage of the buyer’s journey, you’ll be able to create laser focused content assets that help your target customer move through their journey and increase the likelihood that they’ll end up doing business with you.

In order to help you make these decisions, we’ve built you a tool.


This tool helps you quickly and easily figure out the search intent for your target keywords, and which type of content asset you should produce for it in 3 easy steps.

1. Click the “Get Started” button below
2. Make a copy of the tool
3. Copy and past your keyword list into the “Keywords” column
4. Download or save the results

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