For companies who want to grow revenue through outbound sales

Instead of hiring, training, ramping and managing your own team of new Sales Development Reps to do your outbound sales, let us take care of everything.

What is it?

We find and contact prospects for you, filling your team’s calendar with qualified sales meetings.

Using proven, data-driven outbound demand generation techniques, we handle everything for you from identifying decision-makers, finding contact info, enriching CRM data, building account lists, contacting prospects using personalized sales messaging and setting sales appointments for your team to close.

We will help you turn a pipeline trickle into a mighty pipeline river. And we’ll do it FAST – in weeks, not quarters. We are not just a demand generation company – we are your strategic partners to make outbound sales one of the most successful revenue streams for your company.

How does it work?

Let us handle the outbound sales process – all you need to do is have a closer ready to take sales meetings.

Whether you’re brand new to outbound sales, or you have an effective outbound operation already running, we can help.

If you have a small sales or SDR team that hasn’t quite “figured it out”… Before we start setting appointments, we’ll take a deep dive into your sales process (or lack thereof), diagnose the areas of greatest need, and prescribe solutions needed to run a successful outbound campaign.

If you are having success with your sales process but need to systematize your efforts… As we set appointments for your team, we will develop, document and refine all aspects of your sales process specific to your company, industry, target market and product – empowering you and your team with all the tools needed to grow.

If you already have an effective sales plan with great messaging but need more pipeline… Great! If your sales team has capacity to take more sales meetings each week, stop wasting company resources on idle sales reps – Use us to help you fill your sales teams calendars with qualified appointments.

Who is this ideal for?

Companies selling B2B technology or services with an average Annual Contract Value of $10k – $100k who have successfully closed at least a few deals within a target market

When should you use outbound sales services?

  • You want more quality meetings with prospects that you can turn into customers.
  • You want to begin an outbound sales campaign (or increase the scope of your current outbound campaign) but you don’t want to hire, train and ramp additional sales reps quite yet.
  • You have a small team who can effectively close new business, either a few sales reps or the founders/partners, and you want to grow top-of-funnel without your closers losing focus on doing what they do best – closing.
  • You have established product-market fit with a few early customer success examples and now you want to scale your sales efforts in a systematic way.
  • You have a large market of potential prospective contacts but don’t know the most effective way to find them and reach out to them.
  • You want to augment your revenue team with outbound sales in addition to inbound.
  • You have a larger sales organization that has extra bandwidth to take sales calls and you want to fill their schedule.

Examples of good fits for outbound sales services

  • 15-person Enterprise SaaS company with average ARR of $60k/yr, 18 current happy clients, VPs of Marketing are the target buyer.
  • 12-person software development agency handling large development projects ($50 – 200k per project) and $2-5k/mo services retainers.
  • 25-person Midmarket SaaS company with average ARR of $10k/yr, 150 clients, wanting to 1) up their game when it comes to sales training, and 2) make a major change in their Salesforce instance.
  • 40-person service company looking to hire their own in-house Sales Development team for their 3 field sales reps, with a contract size in the high six figures — but they’ve never hired Sales Development before!

Who should NOT use our service

RevenueZen delivers results specifically because we only engage with clients who are a good fit for us. Here are a few examples of companies who are most likely not a good fit for our sales development services.

  • B2C companies.
  • Companies who are still trying to get their first customer (we know people who can help with this so contact us).
  • Companies who want outsourced deal-closing services. We handle top-of-funnel, letting your team handle contracts and closing.
  • Companies that sell to government or hospitals, or whose buyers are mainly international.
  • Companies whose target market is too small (contains less than 5000 total domestic US accounts).
  • Companies whose deal size or customer life-time value is too small (usually less than $10k ACV)

We only take on clients when we are confident we can generate results…

Contact us now to find out if our B2B sales appointment setting services are a good fit for your company.


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