For revenue leaders who want to integrate outbound into their B2B marketing strategy

Getting more of your target prospects to respond to your value proposition isn’t easy.

What does modern B2B outbound look like?

You need to build accurate contact lists and integrate everything with your Salesforce or Hubspot instance. Next, you need to pick the right medium: LinkedIn, email, phone, carrier pigeons carrying cupcakes. Or a combination of channels.

You need a deep understanding of your buyers’ motivations, as well as where outbound fits within the overall Go To Market process.

You can’t think of outbound as your only marketing channel, and you know that outbound needs to be on-brand and to work in tandem with your content team.

How does the service work?

After a detailed intake of who your buyers are – what they do, what companies they work at, the challenges you help them solve – we find and contact those prospects for you.

  1. First, we build accurate B2B contact lists and share all of that data with you. We partner with you to make sure that the list-building strategy matches your customer segment.
  2. Next, we write the content based on the intake data and our prior knowledge of outbound campaigns. You supervise and make sure we capture your unique selling proposition. We workshop it together up front, as well as on an ongoing basis.
  3. Within a week, we deploy live campaigns and begin reaching out to leads! Responses come directly to your inbox. We’ll study these to make sure we’re optimizing our campaigns accordingly.

Who is this ideal for?

US B2B Companies selling SaaS products within the US, with an average Annual Contract Value of $15k+ who have traction within an existing customer base.

When should you use outbound sales services?

  • You want help with incorporating outbound into your overall GTM strategy.
  • You don’t have an SDR team yet and aren’t sure if now is the right time to build one.
  • Your salespeople are skilled closers, but need more ‘at-bats’ and prospecting done for them, so that they can be as efficient as possible.
  • You have established product-market fit with a few early customer success examples and now you want to scale your sales efforts in a systematic way.
  • You have a large market of potential prospective contacts but don’t know the most effective way to find them and reach out to them.
  • You want to augment your revenue team with outbound sales in addition to inbound.

Examples of good fits for outbound sales services

  • 28-person Enterprise SaaS company with average ARR of $60k/yr, 31 current happy clients, VPs of Marketing are the target buyer.
  • 32-person Midmarket SaaS company with average ARR of $20k/yr, 150 clients, wanting to 1) up their game when it comes to sales training, and 2) make a major change in their Salesforce instance.
  • $2B corporate financial services company with a 6 or 7-figure average revenue per customer, and a desire to bring modern sales techniques to the organization to make their team of 300+ sellers more efficient.

Who should NOT use our service

RevenueZen delivers results specifically because we only engage with clients who are a good fit for us. Here are a few examples of reasons why a company likely won’t be a good fit for our outbound lead generation services.

  • Your average deal size is below $10k/yr
  • You don’t have at least a few customers already
  • You’re mostly looking for salespeople to make phone calls for you – rather than using Email or LinkedIn
  • You sell to the IT or Healthcare department
  • Your target market contains less than 5000 accounts
  • Your business hours don’t overlap much with US business hours

Wondering if it’s a fit?


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