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Learn the seven figure social selling on LinkedIn Method by Alex Boyd
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More Prospects & More Revenue on LinkedIn

In 20 Minutes a Day Without Automation


Learn how to build a massive sales funnel the right way
Learn how to sell the right way on LinkedIn
More Prospects
Increased Revenue
A Better Reputation
Less Effort
In 20 Minutes a Day
Grow sales with the 7 figure social selling method

Build a Multi-Million Dollar Pipeline on LinkedIn Without Automation


LinkedIn Social Selling Made Simple
We used this same system to win 105 deals worth over $3,000,000 in revenue from LinkedIn.


Alex Boyd
Founder & CEO RevenueZen

Alex founded RevenueZen in 2017 after leading a 100-person startup to massive 100%+ annual growth.

His mission: to help B2B clients get better results in less time by avoiding bad marketing.

Social Selling on LinkedIn by Alex Boyd


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If you don't know how to start social selling, or you're not getting results, or your automation makes you feel icky, this course is for you.

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If you follow the strategies Alex teaches and it doesn't help you generate more leads, close more deals, or grow your sales pipeline, we'll give your money back.

Put 7 Figure Social Selling into action for 60 days and if what you learn in the course isn't working, we’ll refund 100% of the cost.



Everything you need to join the 7-figure club.

RevenueZen Social Selling Course Slides


B2B sellers, marketers, and growth teams. That includes you, founders and execs who know they “should be on LinkedIn but don’t know where to start”.

With the B2B world waking up to the power of social selling, more and more courses are popping up all over the place. The problem? They’re not built or taught by people who have used social selling to generate real-life results.

We didn’t like that, so we made our own.

Because our mission is to help B2B clients get better results in less time by avoiding bad marketing. The lower the cost, the more people who can learn a better way to do social selling.

We’ll talk about it, but we’ll show you a better way to hit grow revenue without alienating everyone by spamming inboxes.

This course is a no-BS guide to developing a high-quality pipeline,and building life-changing relationships on LinkedIn while generating enormous revenue like we did. You won’t be learning any hacks or gimmicks.

Yes. We often train teams of anywhere from 3 – 300, hold live workshops, speak at SKOs, and implement social selling tools. Contact us and we’ll customize a solution for you.



Lifetime Access & Updates

Lifetime access to the course including all bonus material and future updates.


The Ultimate Sales Call Outline

Become a master of the 8-step process we’ve used to win 42% of deals. You’ll be building deep relationship, gold mining through discovery and producing massive revenue.


Social Selling Wins Case Studies

Learn how we won real six-figure deals with social selling. You’ll get to see how the sausage was made – with full inbox transcripts and the associated post content that resulted in revenue.


Module 1: Why Social Selling Works

This course is geared towards B2B sellers, marketers, and growth teams. And yes, that includes you, founders and execs who know they "should be on LinkedIn but don't know where to start". We'll start by showing you the type of results social selling can produce, with real example numbers and case studies.

Module 2: Social Selling Redefined

Here, we'll introduce the 3 key principles that will help you understand social selling - Demonstrate Credibility, Highlight Customer Results, and Slow Down Your Interactions. We'll also talk through the bad habits that most people exhibit, that go against these principles. You'll learn why Social Selling is about Helping People Publicly™.

Module 3: The Three-Step Method

My 3-step method for Social Selling involves Engaging Others, Posting High-Value Content, and Taking Interactions Offline. In each chapter of this module, you'll learn how to leave engaging comments, what type of content you should (and shouldn't!) post, and how to direct-message prospects smartly.

Module 4: How to Book Time Like a Pro

Ready to read the exact phrases and templates I use to set up appointments with people in a way that makes them feel valued, while also being efficient with both of our schedules?
I'll talk you through how to set up meetings like an executive.

See You Inside The Course!