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Expert-Led Social Selling Training Workshops

Looking to supercharge your sales team’s LinkedIn-sourced revenue and stay ahead of the competition? Embrace the power of social selling with our expert-led workshops.  

Our workshops are designed to help your team build a strong personal brand, engage with prospects, and close more deals than ever before. 

We’ll tailor our proven social selling strategies to your unique needs, discuss how to leverage the latest tools and apps, and bring your team up to speed on the mindset and daily habits needed to close new revenue from LinkedIn.

Why RevenueZen?

We practice what we preach. We’ve been training (and ghostwriting for) companies, executives, and sales and marketing teams, since 2017. And we’ve generated $4.5M in revenue for our own organization from purely-organic LinkedIn posts and comments.


You’ll benefit from our wealth of experience enabling hundreds of organizations increase their revenue from LinkedIn, attribute that revenue in CRM, and crush their demand generation and sales goals.


Chances are, your team isn’t using LinkedIn, or is using it primarily to conduct ineffective, standard cold outreach to prospects.


Isn’t it time you changed that approach?

What You'll Get With Our Social-Selling Workshop

Pre-workshop education

Before the workshop, your team dives into the fundamentals of social selling, with 2+ hours of on-demand video training for all attendees, contained in a beautiful LMS.


Leadership training

Value-packed 60-min executive strategy session to define your unique goals and challenges with 1-2 leaders from your team, and our head LinkedIn strategist, Alex Boyd. 

Three customizable 60-min workshops

In-depth training on the principles of social selling; a step-by-step strategy to engage prospects; and a deep dive into Sales Navigator and tracking results.

Unlimited access to the workshops

Transcripts and recordings from all of the sessions 

Real-life examples

Templates, Post and Comment, swipe files, and example Connection Requests that can form the basis of your outbound prospecting strategy

Debriefing lesson

30-minute follow-up call for us to debrief with your leadership team on the ideal next steps for reinforcement of the training topics, key take-aways, and unique insights into how your team can play to its strengths on LinkedIn

The typical person that completes our LinkedIn social selling training workshop sees a 7X boost in their profile views and post engagements, and goes from generating 1-2 leads per month from LinkedIn, to generating 1-2 leads per week.

Get ready for the workshop that will transform your sales team

Take Control Of Your SEO-Sourced Pipeline

What You'll Learn

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