Company Overview

StockIQ helps inventory based enterprises get the most out of their supply chain visibility. They improve inventory management, prevent stockouts, and the program is easy to use, easy to adopt, and easy to adapt.

Broomfield, CO
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IT Supply Chain Solution Provider

“We’ve seen a lot of improvement in sales and traffic through RevenueZen’s efforts. Our engagement now doubles to triples in rate, depending on the month. Additionally, our organic leads have increased by more than 500%. RevenueZen doesn’t make promises that they can’t keep — their work just does wonders to our business.”


The Challenge

Before RevenueZen, StockIQ didn’t have a well defined SEO or content strategy in place. They had general ideas of what they wanted to write about, but there wasn’t a scalable plan to execute and ensure the content was formated to be found. StockIQ also works with a number of different ERPs that they wanted to produce content around.

The Solution

When we met the StockIQ team, we knew that they were the real deal. Their knowledge of the industry and unique advantage allowed us to quickly download what made them special and translate it into a concrete plan. We helped them identify profitable keyword targets, identify and fix technical issues on the website, create an editorial strategy, and establish a repeatable blogging strategy to build top of funnel awareness.

Once we aligned on broader strategy, we went to work. This included a steady publishing schedule of relevant blog posts, LinkedIn content, and link building to increase domain authority. Since their staff was equipped with all of the technical knowledge needed already, we were able to come in, quickly ramp up, and make sure that their B2B marketing efforts reflected that knowledge. Our senior SEO strategist Jake and CXO Fitz lead the charge on this and brought both inspiration and guidance to the entire StockIQ organization.

It’s been a heck of a partnership so far, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

The Results

(7 Months In)

Increase In Inbound Leads
Increase In Total Ranking Keywords
Average Increase In Content Engagement Across Channels

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