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Restore TMJ & Sleep Therapy provides diagnosis and treatment for Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorders, and other forms of Orofacial Pain in the Houston, TX area. Dr. Katherine Phillips is a nationally recognized practitioner and has over a decade of providing careful and research driven service.

The Woodlands, TX
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TMJ Dentistry
Local SEO, National SEO, Analytics/Conversion Set Up, Copywriting, Blogging, Link Building

"After being burned by over-priced and under performing companies promising to bring the sun itself right to my door I knew I needed an individual approach that I could afford to build upon over time...[RevenueZen] has been exactly that. We made a clear plan that included optimizing our web site, developing new content and link building for growing organic SEO presence along with paid search optimization to bridge the gaps. A few months down the line we are up in every metric available"

Jon Y.

The Challenge

When we started, the website was a bit dated from the previous owner, drawing in some traffic, and had a small amount of content around their core service offerings. Overall, the website didn’t even come close to reflecting the authority and expertise that Dr. Phillips and her practice brings to the table. Jon, the owner, expressed a strong desire to generate not only ongoing organic and paid traffic to his site, but a search presence that would leave the competition in the dust. This would establish greater market share, and the inbound organic traffic would build on itself to create lasting patient relationships over time.

The Solution

The strategy was clear, we started off by analyzing the other practices in the area with a competitive analysis and some in depth keyword research. Once we aligned on the best keywords for the campaign, we mapped each keyword to a piece of content that would satisfy the needs of the users on the site. After creating our editorial plan we went to work on development.

As part of the first two months of work, we developed specific content for each core services and sub services that the practice offered. In parallel with these efforts we also updated the layout of the entire website to make it more user friendly. We also did a technical SEO audit to identify quick wins like redirecting old broken pages, submitting a sitemap to Google, adding new title tags, building out an internal link structure, and more.

Once we were done with the technical and on page optimizations, we began a link building outreach campaign in order to find partners would would be willing to feature the thought leadership of Dr. Phillips and help boost the domain authority of the website as a whole.

The Results

(7 Months In)

Increase In YoY Organic Traffic
Increase In Conversions From Organic Traffic
Increase In Unique Website Visitors

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What’s a perfect day for you?

What’s your favorite part of your job?

What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?