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Company Overview

RallyBright is a SaaS performance management platform that helps measure, diagnose and improve business performance using proven, behavioral science.


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“Our highest value customers and some of our biggest names came in through working with RevenueZen. Our experience with RevenueZen has given us a clear understanding of our buyer persona, how to reach prospects, the language to use to engage them, and in turn, we’ve learned more about our product and its importance.”

John Estafanous



The Challenge

RallyBright’s leadership team had a vision of a well-filled pipeline and scalable lead gen strategy.

John, the Founder & CEO, knew that their existing strategy needed to be clarified. He understood the importance of dialing in their ICP, and reaching out to them as well as being there when they searched for relevant solutions. But he didn’t have the bandwidth to execute and manage demand gen campaigns on his own. Like most startup executives, John realized the team needed strategic direction as well as campaign management bandwidth to build their pipeline.

Open to trying something new, John needed a partner who was an expert in copywriting, campaign management, content development, SEO, and overall building a scalable lead gen engine. He needed a team who would position RallyBright as the go-to program for improving team resilience, dynamics, and performance.

The Solution

Working with the RallyBright leadership team, RevenueZen built a full demand gen playbook, including new messaging, LinkedIn and Email campaigns, content creation, SEO; and also patched the holes in the sales funnel to support the ambitious growth plans John and the rest of the team had.

Over 2 years, RallyBright grew 100% YoY from the efforts of this demand gen strategy. This initiative sourced some of the largest deals in the company’s history, and they’ve been able to penetrate new markets. Most importantly, RevenueZen built scalable processes that can be measured, iterated upon, and easily scaled by an internal team.

The Results


SQLs in 24 months


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What has RevenueZen’s impact being on RallyBright?

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