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RallyBright is a SaaS performance management platform that helps measure, diagnose and improve business performance using proven, behavioral science.

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“RevenueZen prioritizes clear and measurable processes that allow for the flexibility of customizing to our business. The team’s expertise comforted me, because I knew we’d see serious, long-term results. They’re clearly experts in copywriting and developing growth strategies.”

Who would you recommend work with RevenueZen? “I already recommend everyone!”

“We chose RevenueZen for two reasons: the team, and their approach. Other options were either purely spray and pray outreach, which isn’t meaningful or sustainable, or high-priced, low confidence consulting offers, meaning we’d pay a lot of money and we may or may not get results.”

The Challenge

RallyBright’s leadership team had a vision of a well-filled pipeline and scalable sales strategy.

Chief Executive Officer John Estafanous knew that something was needed to adjust and amplify their existing strategy. He understood the importance of building out ICPs and reaching out with targeted, specific outreach, but didn’t have the bandwidth to execute and manage campaigns on his own. Like most startups, John realized the team needed help and clarity of direction in building their pipeline. They were struggling with inconsistent lead generation, inefficient messaging, and a sales funnel clogged with unqualified leads.

Open to trying something new, John needed a partner who was an expert in copywriting, outbound campaigns, segmenting personas, and building scalable, long-term sales systems. John needed a team who would position RallyBright as the go-to program for improving team resilience, dynamics, and performance.

The Solution

RallyBright connected with RevenueZen in April 2018 to help them build out a scalable, long-term sales strategy, with a full-time SDR included. Their resilience-building program was extremely well received, and it deserved to be out into the world.

Working with the RallyBright leadership team, RevenueZen built a full sales playbook, including new messaging, LinkedIn and Email campaigns, thorough ICPs, and patched the holes in the sales funnel to support the ambitious growth plans John and the rest of the team had.

The full-time sales development representative, along with RevenueZen’s own leaders, prospected, had intro conversations, and passed along qualified leads to the RallyBright sales team. The process was iterated upon, and along with sales coaching, revenue began to increase.

“Our highest value customers and some of our biggest names came in through working with RevenueZen. Our experience with RevenueZen has given us a clear understanding of our buyer persona, how to reach prospects, the language to use to engage them, and in turn, we’ve learned more about our product and its importance.“

– John Estafanous, Founder & CEO

Over the last 2 years, RallyBright has grown 100% YoY from the efforts of RevenueZen’s sales strategy. RevenueZen has sourced some of the largest deals in the company’s history, and they’ve been able to penetrate new markets. Most importantly, RevenueZen built scalable processes that can be measured, iterated upon, and easily implemented.

The Results

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