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ProdPerfect autonomously builds, maintains, and evolves end-to-end regression testing suites by analyzing live user traffic on your application.They help increase developer velocity by reallocating engineer time completely from the grind of writing/maintaining end-to-end tests. This allows teams to fix high-priority bugs earlier, faster, and cheaper by running, with every build, end-to-end tests built from ProdPerfect’s analysis of how your users use your application.

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“RevenueZen has become the workhorse of our Business Development process, hands down. There’s a lot for us to do but I can always depend on my sales team being “fed” with pipeline and that means the world.”

Erik F.

The Challenge

ProdPerfect launched in January 2018 and suffered from inconsistent lead generation. The company endured “feast-and-famine” problems, watching their funnel filling and emptying erratically. Even when they saw lots of leads, they weren’t always great fits.

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Erik Fogg recognized that his company lacked the in-house expertise to master the tactics of outbound sales development. His team knew who they wanted to reach out to, but needed help doing so at scale, and building the processes for account research, copywriting, and sales development training to execute on that vision.

The ProdPerfect leadership team knew they had a platform that would change the way the world thought about QA testing, but to do so they knew they needed to get in front of the right people or keep their funnel filled with qualified leads.

Erik needed a partner that could identify quick wins and execute a long-term lead generation strategy that would strategically position ProdPerfect as the ultimate end-to-end testing solution while generating a high-value source of leads for his team convert to sales.

The Solution

ProdPerfect was skeptical of working with outside agencies. While RevenueZen came highly recommended, Erik did his homework and interviewed a few other options. Ultimately, he decided to partner primarily with RevenueZen. It was clear to him that our team was going to put in the smarts and hustle to make darn sure we knew both who to reach out to and what to say to them, rather than just try to shotgun like mad.

ProdPerfect’s expectations were that we would ramp quickly and generate about 15 serious opportunities per month, without ticking off prospects and “burning through” their TAM. RevenueZen’s tailored approach has succeeded at that consistently.

In the first 6 months after partnering with RevenueZen, ProdPerfect has gotten 100+ meetings with businesses that they thought they were years away from being able to win. Better yet, those leads were coming in excited to work with the sales team!

On top of just pulling in leads, RevenueZen was also able to deliver tremendous strategic value: sales ops advice, full-funnel coaching, and consistently transferring knowledge back and forth between the in-house revenue leaders at ProdPerfect and at RevenueZen. Working with the ProdPerfect team, we ensured that the cost per opportunity remains currently a little over half what any of our other channels can offer. Better yet, it was all very scalable.

The Results

Sales Meetings
Pipeline Created
LTV Closed/Won

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What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?

What’s a perfect day for you?

What’s your favorite part of your job?

What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?