Company Overview

Lightyear works with 400+ telecom and IT service providers, allowing businesses to outsource and automate their procurement of services like dedicated internet access, SD-WAN, colocation, and VoIP.

Customers can easily configure services online, receive transparent, best-available price quotes, and have their implementation project managed by Lightyear upon quote selection.

Post-installation, Lightyear helps companies organize and monitor network inventory and services spend, automating renewal cycle processing for enterprises.

New York, NY
Number of Employees
Enterprise Telecom

“Since implementing their SEO help, our traffic has grown significantly (>10x), and a decent portion of that growth is attributable to their SEO help. We now rank in the top 5 for several keywords that orient well toward buyer intent for our category.”

Dennis T.

The Challenge

When we met Dennis and the Lightyear team, they were already positioned well to dominate their industry. Solid understanding of their ideal customer with the product market fit to inspire and delight. The challenge was how to scale up the authority of a relatively new site without a previous SEO campaign running. Everyone on the Lightyear team knew the value of inbound demand generation, but they were looking for a tried and true partner to give them strategic direction on the best use of their time and resources.

The Solution

That’s where we came in. Through heavy and iterative collaboration over the first two months, we were able to determine an effective path forward. One where they could keep their brand standards high, but also take advantage of some SEO related short and long-term wins.

This involved starting our targeting with high purchase intent keywords that were aligned with their business objectives, identifying and reaching out to key partner websites, while producing high level thought leadership and resource content to attract new users. Over time, we learned from the initial results which keyword targets and backlink types were driving the best performance. After awhile it was clear which content assets needed to be produced and what link volume was needed to get the desired results.

Now we’re in a phase of maintenance of the results we’ve gotten so far and growth focused initiatives to discover areas of opportunity.

The Results

Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic
New Keyword Rankings
Increase In Domain Authority

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