LeadsRx sees 170% YoY increase in organic new users within 7 months

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LeadsRx was able to rank for high value top and middle funnel search terms that generated more qualified traffic for the platform throughout the first 7 months of working together, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition.

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Company Overview

The LeadsRx marketing attribution SaaS captures all the various touch points that commonly guide prospects to becoming customers. Using LeadsRx, businesses improve sales, reduce wasted ad spend, and increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


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Portland, Oregon


“There are a lot of people who claim to “know” SEO and then there is a subset of those people who claim to be able to “deliver SEO results.” I have spent years doing digital marketing with vendors and probably worked with 20+ SEO firms. RevenueZen was by far the most transparent, most educational and the most professional about their process and results. I would recommend them to any company with a significant need to improve their rankings.”

Lucas S.

Director of Marketing


The Challenge

When we met Lucas and the LeadsRx team, it was clear that was going to be a slam dunk of a partnership. Lucas, the Director of Marketing, was a digital marketing industry vet and clearly knew his craft. The entire executive team was also already bought into the value of SEO and were actively scaling their product.

The only challenge was that Lucas and everyone who contributed to marketing initiatives were stretched thin, and Lucas wanted not only bandwidth help but a second set of strategic eyes when it came to crafting and implementing a world class SEO & content strategy that could mirror the epic potential of their platform. In practice, this meant that LeadsRx had built a respectable library of content at every stage of a potential customer’s buying journey, but that most of the assets showed lackluster performance before we were brought on.

The Solution

We sat down with Lucas, went through discovery, learned about their mission, and put together a bulletproof strategy roadmap. From there, we ran them through our entire research and analysis process to thoroughly understand where their SEO related gaps and opportunities were.

The first initiative being a keyword and competitor gap analysis. Since they were already ranking for a lot of keywords, it wasn’t enough to simply understand keyword search volumes and competitiveness. We dove deeper and figured out which topics and terms they uniquely had the Right To Own, a proprietary metric that RevenueZen factors heavily into our ranking targets.

After aligning on our targets, we got to work. Starting with an aggressive content production schedule, in parallel with a laser-targeted link building strategy with only the most relevant outreach targets, we saw their inbound traffic start to pick up. We also went through multiple rounds of on page optimizations in order to get the targeting dialed in just right. While keeping a close eye on their Google Search Console data each month, we were able to stay flexible and respond to increases and decreases in content performance with tailored improvement plans.

The Results

7 Months In


Increase in 
Organic New Users


Increase in
Page 1 Keyword Rankings


Increase in
Domain Authority

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