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Funraise equips people changing the world with the tools they need to fund their work and manage nonprofit donors strategically.

Long Beach, CA
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The Challenge

The Funraise sales team wanted to amplify their voices and tell stories on LinkedIn in order to have more meaningful conversations. However, when it came to creating that type of content, they weren’t sure where to start. They thought taking their experiences of helping nonprofits and turning them into short form content would be complicated and time consuming, so it constantly fell on the back burner.

There was also the question of how to write in a way that would engage a specific type of buyer — nonprofit leaders, strapped for funds and time, who really want to see themselves in the story. The Funraise team wanted to find themes that’d resonate with readers, and position themselves as a source of modern fundraising expertise.

The Solution

Funraise brought RevenueZen on in November 2019 to help them create content to engage their target audience. RevenueZen held monthly brainstorming sessions, where we worked alongside the Funraise sales team to come up with themes and pull stories to create written content around.

Together, the two teams would dive into topics relevant to modern fundraisers. We’d explore themes such as the evolution of nonprofits, how fundraising is adapting to modern times, and how nonprofits can adopt more traditional business-style acumen. Often, we’d come up with content that challenged the status quo, driving conversations to the Funraise team.

The Funraise team was able to position themselves as thought leaders in the industry, and have meaningful conversations surrounding the content, strengthening their personal and organizational brand identities.

The Results

(First 2 Months)

Leads Per Month from Hybrid Content and Outbound Strategy
ROI Closed Revenue to Spend
Over 1000
Likes, Comments, and Shares

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