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CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for companies looking to increase their sales, customer retention and revenue, through trained and managed teams of outsourced sales, customer support and customer success experts. They combine technology, processes and first class talent to help their clients deliver results.

Miami Beach, FL
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“[RevenueZen] has been great to work with. Understands needs and will go beyond the scope of work on occasions to help on projects. They are easy to communicate with. There were some issues along the way however [they] were quickly resolved and the campaign got back into full swing with both parties doing their parts to move things forward. Their results so far have been impressive.”

Wes B.

The Challenge

When we first spoke to Wes and the Cloudtask team, we were already excited due to the incredible reputation they had already built both offline and online.They already had a strong base of incoming organic traffic, but their wasn’t really a cohesive or predictable strategy. The traffic was coming in, but they didn’t know which keyword targets, links, or optimizations got them there.

Their biggest desire was to align marketing strategy with sales objectives, so that incoming users were not only satisfied with the content, but that they would then continue their journey throughout the site and convert into customers. It was a classic case of driving a lot of the wrong traffic and in some cases, making content for the sake of making content. At this point, we knew our partnership would be a good fit. That kind of first principles thinking is exactly what we do for all of our clients. So we got to work.

Technologies: Hubspot, Slack, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, SEMrush, Screaming Frog

The Solution

One of the first thing’s we did with CloudTask was perform an in depth content audit and optimization roadmap. They had over 100 content assets that had been produced and the top 10% were doing the bulk of the demand generation work. Through this process we identified content that either needed to be optimized, consolidated, or deleted, along with a more specific action for each page.

In parallel with our content audit, we also performed a technical audit, competitive gap analysis, and user intent based keyword research. We worked with Wes and team to align every aspect of this research to their sales strategy for a laser focused set of SEO related objectives. From there, we implemented immediate changes to upgrade the performance of the website, optimized all of their page level SEO factors, created a top of funnel oriented content strategy for the blog, and started a link building strategy to build on the great authority they already had.

Due to that existing high domain authority, the results from our efforts came fairly quickly within the first 6 months. We were able to look at new incoming data on a month to month basis and use that information to take an iterative approach with our ongoing optimiztions.

The Results

(6 Months In)

YoY Increase in Organic New Users
Increase in Non Branded Keywords
Keyword Value (cost to acquire same monthly users with paid ads)

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