Company Overview

Carevoyance is a seed-funded sales enablement platform for medical technology companies that helps Medtech commercial teams design, launch and measure sales and marketing campaigns.

Portland, OR
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Healthcare, Sales Technology, SaaS

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The Challenge

Carevoyance launched its website in January 2018 and wanted to create content that would generate inbound leads and help them win more business.

Chief Commercial Officer Katie Vahle understood the importance of inbound marketing. She wanted to build and execute an intelligent, keyword-focused content strategy, but her company didn’t have the time or in-house resources to do it themselves.

The Carevoyance leadership team had read all the best practices about driving traffic and ranking on keywords through content creation. They started blogging just after launching the website, and as a 3-person startup at the time, the team did its best to divide up the responsibilities.

Despite best efforts, Katie and her team ran into the same problem most early-stage companies do when they start they start trying to execute a content strategy. They didn’t have the time to be consistent about blogging.

Katie needed a partner that could identify quick SEO wins and execute a long-term inbound marketing strategy that would strategically position Carevoyance as the definitive healthcare sales and marketing solution while generating a high-value source of leads for her team convert to sales.

The Solution

Carevoyance connected with RevenueZen in May 2018, about five months after launching the website and trying their hand at managing content marketing in-house. Right away, they knew they’d made the right decision.

Working with the Carevoyance leadership team, RevenueZen built out a full keyword portfolio and quarterly content calendar to support an ambitious inbound strategy. Prior to implementing the strategy, RevenueZen conducted a full audit of the Carevoyance website and implemented widespread technical SEO fixes.

RevenueZen then brought on subject-matter experts from the healthcare and medical technology fields to write eight pieces of blog content per month. Each piece of content was carefully optimized for search engines, readability, industry authority at every stage of production. Content was published at a cadence of two posts per week, after which it was syndicated by the RevenueZen team, shared to social media with guidance from leadership, and followed-up on for backlink-building purposes

In addition to content production, the RevenueZen leadership team was dedicated to helping Carevoyance generate more and more qualified leads by experimenting with different demand generation strategies. Paid social media advertising, CTA building and placement, and outbound lead generation were just a few of the initiatives explored.

Within the first three months of content production, RevenueZen more than tripled Carevoyance’s organic traffic. Between May 2018 and May 2019, RevenueZen grew organic traffic by over 1000% for Carevoyance and secured over 100 quality page one keywords.

Most importantly, RevenueZen’s content marketing resulted in an 830% increase in organic inbound leads, making it one of the strongest lead generation channels for Carevoyance.

The Results

YoY organic traffic growth
New Keywords Ranked For
Monthly Inbound Leads
Visit-to-lead Conversion Rate

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