Marketing is the lifeblood of B2B organizations, and in today’s wildly competitive business landscape, marketing teams and agencies are pulling out all the stops to win over customers month after month. 

Whether it’s using LinkedIn to drive sales or funneling more resources into thought-leadership content marketing, B2B businesses and their marketing teams are getting creative in order to see what works, what boosts retention, and maybe most importantly, what organically draws in qualified leads. 

And while marketing teams definitely have plenty on their plates, there’s one aspect of a marketing strategy that might trump the rest, as far as impact and ROI go: SEO marketing

And to master this, many B2B organizations are partnering with an SEO agency to craft original and value-driven content designed to perform in search engines and beyond. 

The importance of SEO marketing is multifaceted. Sure, it can lead to rankings and traffic, and spur lofty dreams of making into one of the top five search results on Google (which account for about 70% of the total clicks). 

But as search queries become more competitive, and the SEO landscape becomes more dense, it’s clear that the impacts of SEO go far beyond who ranks where. 

SEO has the power to drive revenue growth because it is a powerful customer acquisition channel in its own right, can improve customer retention rates, increases customer lifetime value, and contributes to reputation management and brand building (among other things). 

Because of the powerful potential of SEO marketing, many B2B leaders are turning to an SEO agency to navigate this challenging but rewarding marketing avenue. An SEO agency can help organizations accelerate revenue growth and build a sustainable stream of qualified leads for the sales team. 

But how exactly does an SEO agency do that, and what does everyone in an SEO agency even do anyway? 

When your B2B business partners with a leading SEO agency, you’ll likely find that there are many specialized roles. But why is that? Why is an SEO agency broken up the way that it is, what common roles might you find, and why do specializations matter?

No two SEO agencies are built the same, and no two SEO agency engagements are the same. For example, here at RevenueZen, it’s possible to partner with us as a standalone option, or as an augmentation to an existing marketing team.  

But as it turns out, roles in an SEO agency are segmented, highly specialized, and laser-focused on different goals and tasks. And while every SEO agency might have their own way of doing things, we’re going to pull the curtain back, and share the exact breakdown of roles and responsibilities that you’ll find here at RevenueZen (and perhaps at other agencies as well). 

Working with agency is especially important for startups who might not have the resources to build out an entire SEO team.

The Strategy Team

Think of the strategy team as your “boots on the ground.” These are your skillful SEO specialists, the folks who identify long term goals and break them down into day-to-day tasks. Here is what members of the strategy team here RevenueZen have ownership of, and what their expertise is like.

Director of SEO Strategy

The Director of SEO strategy is the top dog when it comes to the SEO team. This powerhouse expert directs and oversees the entire SEO team, to ensure they can deliver the required service to clients. 

That means that the Director of SEO strategy will oversee and implement required training for things like technical SEO work, account management and strategy. You can expect the Director of SEO strategy to dig deep into the health of clients, work with strategists to develop plans for achieving desired outcomes and actively engage with the strategist team to reduce churn.

The Director of SEO Strategy is typically that: a strategic thinker who can instill confidence both in clients, and across internal teams. They’re passionate about SEO and coaching, and are nimble multi-taskers, who handle large and complex projects. 

SEO Strategists

Up next are the SEO Strategists, who are the ones doing the heavy lifting when it comes to managing portfolios of SEO clients. 

SEO strategists take ownership of different clients, and identify strategies using cutting-edge technical SEO techniques and tactics which are designed to increase conversions via increased visitors to a website, and obtain high-ranking placements in search engines.

SEO Strategists are expert researchers, who identify keywords, dissect the site URL and navigation structure, perform technical audits, conduct content analysis (to determine what assets should be optimized, redirected, or even removed), and of course, keep a close eye on the competition. 

They take advantage of current SEO tactics focused on driving business results, and they don’t only understand how to use the tools, but provide unparalleled analysis of data. 

Ultimately, your SEO strategist is there to be a trusted advisor to you. You can expect them to proactively communicate, respond to messages within a few hours, and hit deadlines when it comes to deliverables. 

Content Managers

When it comes to owning the day-to-day of your content creation, this is where your content managers come up to bat. You can expect them to be the ones directly managing writers and editors for SEO projects, and will be the go-between for the writers who are crafting the content. 

Your content manager will also work closely with you to understand your expectations and ensure that the content delivered is aligned with your goals.

Content managers also support link building efforts, which is a crucial part of technical SEO work. You can expect your content managers to also support the onboarding process, and any other daily tasks related to SEO work.

Head of Content

The Head of Content works behind the scenes to make sure the underlying processes used by the content team are as smooth as butter. They identify processes being used by the content team, ensure content is approved, written, and delivered in a timely manner, and build ways to measure the effectiveness of content. 

You can expect the Head of Content to be a superb communicator and all around great leaders. They’ll also be dialed in to the trends in content marketing, and have superior content management knowledge. 


Branding and brand identity play monumental roles in how a B2B business markets itself, and goes hand-in-hand with SEO work (and other marketing efforts). Branding is a powerful tool which captivates and engages customers, quickly conveys key messages, and tells the story of where your business comes from, and why it exists. 

Because of this codependent relationship between brand identity and SEO work, here at RevenueZen, we have talented brand strategists who help organizations and industry leaders build compelling brand messaging. 

This is done through tailored brand strategy workshops, 1-on-1 executive coaching, copywriting services, and ghostwriting support.  

Our Executive Team

At the helm of RevenueZen is our dream team of executives, who work closely with our other teams to ensure RevenueZen’s long-term success.

Chief Growth Officer

Digital marketing is our bread-and-butter, and our Chief Growth Officer is focused on our own digital marketing growth, using the same industry-leading skills and practices we deploy for our customers.

 The Chief Growth Officer identifies high-intent keywords related to our business, builds editorial calendars to execute the timely publication of content, and sets benchmarks for marketing goals.

You can expect our Chief Growth Officer to have a remarkable understanding of current market trends, and to have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of digital marketing strategies.

Chief Evangelist

Every business needs vocal advocates and ambassadors, and our most visible and supportive advocate is our Chief Evangelist. 

While everyone on the RevenueZen team deeply believes in the missions and values of the work that we’re doing, our Chief Evangelist passionately spreads the word about RevenueZen, sharing our efforts, tactics, successes, and wins through word-of-mouth.


At the helm of our daily operations is the President, whose purpose is to bring operational, managerial, financial, and administrative procedures to the company. 

The President directly oversees the other senior-level pros on the RevenueZen team, such as the Director of SEO Strategy, the Head of Content, and the company’s Chief Growth Officer. The President also has ownership of many of our backend, mission-critical tasks, such as financial reporting, developing daily operations policies, and cost management. 

That’s how we do it at RevenueZen — ready to talk?

We wanted to share how we tackle SEO agency life here at RevenueZen, because we’re built differently, because our people, story and values fuel our fundamental marketing beliefs. 

We know that while keywords and impressions are excellent, they don’t pay the bills alone. That’s why our SEO solutions are focused on the same business outcomes that you are.

Ready to talk about how partnering with RevenueZen can help your business set up a sustainable stream of qualified leads for your sales team? Book a call today.