Why work with RevenueZen?

Building a profitable outbound sales team can be expensive, time-consuming and difficult… especially if you’ve never done it before.

That’s where RevenueZen comes in - Instead of hiring, training, ramping and managing your own team of Sales Development Reps to do your outbound sales, let us take care of everything.

You'll benefit from our years of expertise in selling and leading high growth B2B sales teams, while taking advantage of the latest advances in sales technology that our team uses to prospect and set sales calls for you -  without the trial and error of trying to do it on your own.

Results We Can Help You Get:

  • Increase pipeline. Some of the most stressful growth challenges can be solved through top-of-funnel increases. This is where our expertise truly shines in a measurable way.

  • Increase top-line revenue. If you can close, we’ll simply turn up the volume on pipeline. If you need help closing too, our team can help diagnose the problem and map out the solution.

  • Increase bottom-line revenue. Why add more headcount to your team when you can get the same result (increased pipeline) without the overhead cost, risk or commitment?

  • Pro-actively find customers. Find the customers  you want instead of (or in addition to) waiting for them to come to you. Reach customers who would have never found you on their own.


How are we different from other companies offering outbound sales or consulting services?

  • Silicon Valley experience.  Our team is comprised of sales veterans, with experience selling, leading, growing, and managing both closing and prospecting teams.  You’re getting the best and brightest in charge of optimizing performance and bringing years of knowledge & best practices to the table.

  • Plug and play.  Hiring a Sales Development team in-house is expensive, and it almost always takes several months to ramp someone up if you’re doing it for the first time (assuming you hired the right person to begin with).  Forget payroll taxes, office space, benefits, and managing a person - leave all of that to us. We’ve scaled and managed both small teams and 20+ rep teams, and will take care of everything for you.

  • Executive-level guidance.  When you hire us, you’re not just bringing on Sales Development muscle & bandwidth for executing campaigns, you’re also bringing on an account manager with director-level sales experience.  Hiring an SDR in-house won’t give you that same level of expertise when you need it.  We can consult on setting up sales processes and systems, CRM implementation, plumbing our network to find other tools and service providers, setting up financial growth models, and we can coach you on how to close more deals.

  • Native English speakers.  There are a plethora of offshore ‘outsourced sales’ shops, but do you really want non-native speakers talking to your clients and representing your brand?  RevenueZen hires native speakers with great communications skills.