tori elstrom

Tori Elstrom

Campaign Manager

I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, and recently moved out to Portland, Oregon to join the RevenueZen family. When I was in school, I studied Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech Language Pathology). Why? Because I was a kid who stuttered, who grew into an adult who stuttered, and I had yet to spread my weird little wings and let go of the stigma that followed. I learned a lot about myself during that time and ultimately pursued a completely different path. That path included car sales, freight sales, marketing roles and the like.

My life has been all about learning to do me, and grow along the way – which is probably why I love working on side projects. I find that they offer a lot of growth opportunities, from computer science and AI to small website startups, which are ultimately building blocks to the next endeavor.

What’s a perfect day for you?

I am not sure there is a perfect day, honestly. To seek perfection, is to constantly live in disappointment. The days I enjoy always include spending time with my Wife, playing video games or Pokemon, working on one of my side projects and generally just not worrying about tomorrow. 

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I have two answers to this question. 

  1. The people.. Everyone I work with, my team, and my clients, are so different. I truly could not thrive in this world we are experiencing without this combining of perspectives and personalities. I have experienced a lot of strength, but I have also experienced a lot of humbling moments, too. It’s empowering.
  2. The amount of hats I am encouraged to wear. The wonderful thing about working at RevenueZen is that Alex, Rocky and Amanda don’t just expect you to wear a lot of hats, but they encourage your individual desire to learn and grow. (Although occasionally with a funny look, and a gif – but always a go get ‘em!) 

What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

Crepes. When I was younger, and the world was good, my family used to go up to my grandparents cabin in Wisconsin. He would get up at 4am and spend the next 8 hours making Crepes for 15+ people. I learned this recipe, because the feeling of family around a table like that, you can’t match it. 

What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?

 If we are traveling back in time to the years of young-emo Tori:

Three most used emojis?

🤣 😎 ❤️