Benefits of SEO & Content for Financial Services Companies

Whether you’re in banking, FinTech, investment, wealth management, or any other sector in the financial services industry, you need SEO and content services. Failing to invest in them will leave you trailing behind the competition. 

Here are the three important reasons why.

Build Authority and Trust

Trust is an essential ingredient for success, particularly in an industry as sensitive as the financial services industry. To help you build authority and trust, we’ll build you high-ranking web pages and blog posts that follow Google’s “your money your life” (YMYL) guidelines. We’ll also build relevant links to help you build authority and trust online.

Increased Traffic

With most business relationships being built online, your website becomes as important as your brick-and-mortar office. Driving relevant traffic to your site becomes crucial to your success. From technical SEO to SEO-optimized content to website audits, our services are designed to increase the traffic going to your offer or website.

Stand Out

With so many brands offering the same services you’re offering, you must stand out from the competition. An SEO and content strategy will help you do just that by highlighting your unique value proposition and positioning in the market.

"Our engagement now doubles to triples in rate, depending on the month. Additionally, our organic leads have increased by more than 500%. RevenueZen doesn’t make promises that they can’t keep"

CTO @ IT supply chain provider

"Starting from scratch we went from zero to 10+ qualified leads per week and have closed 4 deals to date far exceeding the cost of the program."

Daniel AVP of Marketing and QA

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Services Companies

LinkedIn is another effective financial services inbound marketing channel you must leverage.

What’s so great about LinkedIn?

Created For Making Business Relationships

Relationships play a huge role in generating leads in the financial services industry. And LinkedIn is the perfect platform to build relationships with relevant people.

Great for Thought Leadership

Building thought leadership is an excellent way to gain trust — another vital ingredient to success in FSI. From LinkedIn posts and articles to optimizing your profile, our financial services marketing will help you become a go-to resource in your industry.

Excellent Data and Targeting Capabilities

Being a network of professionals, LinkedIn makes it easier for you to target your campaigns. Both paid and organic. With a range of on-platform tools and available demographic information, you can effectively seek out potential customers or learn more about those already engaging with you. 

Our Process

Just over 39% of our new business comes from SEO or LinkedIn (we get a ton of referrals as well). That’s a testament that we know how to use the platform to grow our clients’ businesses.

And when you partner with us, you can expect results.

How do we do it?

Here’s how our process works:

1. Learn

The first step of our process is to learn everything we can about:

  • Your industry vertical: We conduct in-depth research of your vertical, including your competitors, major players, and the overall marketing landscape. This enables us to know how best to position your specific financial service.
  • Your business model: When we partner with you, we learn everything there is to know about your business. A deep look at your business will help us identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to build effective campaigns.

2. Analyze

Once we’ve learned everything we can about your industry and business, we analyze the information and data we’ve gathered. This helps us spot:

  • Gaps to manipulate
  • Keyword and content opportunities
  • Brands to partner with in promoting your content

Particularly with the FSI, data-driven marketing is the most effective way to make headway due to the very competitive nature of the industry.

3. Optimize

We don’t believe in creating a campaign and letting it run the way it is forever.

We monitor its performance and note the parts that are working and those that aren’t. Then, we re-engineer the parts that aren’t producing results and improve on those that are.

Every financial services industry campaign we create goes through an optimization process to ensure you get the best possible results.

4. Evaluate & Iterate

After optimizing your campaign, we carefully monitor KPIs and campaign progress on a monthly basis. Each month, we’ll set up a call to discuss our findings as well as future strategy considerations. These conversations will drive our ongoing optimizations on a monthly and quarterly basis.

5. Repeat

We repeat the above process on an ongoing basis to ensure your continued growth and market dominance.

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