Our Mission

To grow alongside startups that are making the world a better place.

Our Values

  • Independence. To be self-sufficient, free and fulfilled financially, mentally and physically. 
  • Achievement. To use our ambitions and abilities toward the growth of personal and human prosperity.

  • Discovery. To use our curiosity as innovators, pioneers, artists and adventurers to discover new technologies, businesses, ideas and insights.

  • Integrity. To act in accordance with one’s values. Expressing, upholding and translating them into practical reality, even when challenged.

Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer

Alex Boyd

Former Silicon Valley inside sales, growth and SDR director. Future human-enhanced supercomputer. Certified sales ops guru.


Chief Revenue Officer

Darren Carter

Serial entrepreneur, sales leader and mountain climber. Master of not bullshitting prospects and closing deals from 13k feet.


Chief Marketing Officer


Marketing guru who rocked her content game all up and down the West Coast. Not afraid to call you out on improper comma usage.